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Reference Charts - MBT, LRI, FLI, STI, COSCO, DNL, MB, MCP

MBT Daily. Nearing gap fill (possible cup and handle but needs to break rsi wall)

Previous various charts (not posted here but posted at SMP FB Page). 19 more words

Phisix's Closet (PSEi)

Quote of the Day

To primates, a toilet flush can seem magical. – Senor Jitka Samak of Betting on Harmonics Secret Society

Phisix's Closet (PSEi)

PSEi Theme, The Gold Script Update

Themes come and go, had them for a week or so and one a bit longer. i may skip it now til a new theme arises but dont know when. 33 more words

Phisix's Closet (PSEi)

The Boy with the Blue Gun

nothing much about the title, so happen im a fan of tetay *ngisi*, below is a chat script yesterday with SMP FB Page admin senor Gab. 413 more words

Phisix's Closet (PSEi)