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A Phlog On The Happy Birds And Agile Fishermen of Inle Lake

Piode! That means “I’m happy!” So are the birds and wild ducks in Lake Inle’s Bird Sanctuary. They fly and chase some passing boats and they happily stand still on fences along the banks. 417 more words


Festivities but a memory

Goes quick, doesn’t it? But, with just a little effort – a short(ish), bracing early morning climb up Shropshire’s Wrekin – you can make the rocket-propelled festive rocket ship that is Christmas Day just a little more memorable. 7 more words


Cafe Dozo - Cainta, Rizal

It must be the holidays.

I was hitting Japanese restaurants (Kenji Tei and Maki Moko) in succession and was just enjoying the company of friends.  I forgot to take photos of my food. 108 more words


Wai Ying Fast Food - Binondo, Manila

I guess if you’re going on a food trip, Wai Ying is a go-to place in Binondo.

When you’re in Benavidez Street, you’d think that the store facade is enough to throw you off.   199 more words


Mami = Masuki - Binondo, Manila

If it’s mami you want, it’s mami you can get here in Masuki.  One of the more popular places to eat in Benavidez, Masuki stands out from the restaurants lining the street. 45 more words