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The One They Called A Reunion

Yesterday the internet went bat shit crazy over a video of Jennifer Aniston on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

Why did everyone go bat shit crazy? 447 more words


FRIENDS REUNION ALERT: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow Reunite on "Kimmel"

Nothing starts your morning on a better note than an impromptu “Friends” reunion!

Jennifer Aniston appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night to promote her new movie “Life of Crime.” As their conversation went on, Kimmel revealed he was a huge “Friends” fan in the 90s (who wasn’t?). 94 more words


Who's YOUR Lobster?

I’m a TV junkie and not afraid to admit it. And along with that I’m a romantic at heart and therefore I have certain couples, which I ship within every TV show. 740 more words

Lições das Séries

Dia desses estava conversando com a minha mãe sobre todas as séries que eu assisto, e as vezes as pessoas não se dão conta de que aquilo pode ser muito mais que ao um programa de TV. 558 more words

Friends 20th anniversary: You can still visit the Central Perk coffee shop

Still in denial that not only is Friends over, the 20th anniversary of when the show originally began is fast approaching? This should Perk you right up. 182 more words


Smelly cat

I bet all of you have seen or heard of the 90’s television show friends!? Even if it was only for a brief moment or if you watched every episode, I think it was inevitable not to be jealous and think “aawh, I want that! 251 more words

It's too damn soon!

What is with this country’s obsession for everything to be rushed?! Why can’t we live in the moment?! This drives me crazy!

So, unlike what I’m complaining about in this post…I am a little delayed in writing this. 546 more words