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Sisters Before Misters

Delilah and Phoebe aren’t the only four-legged critters ruling over our household. They have a younger sister who is every bit as sassy, sweet and spunky. 300 more words


The Ten Best Friends Episodes (in my opinion)

The One Where Ross Is Fine.

“I’m making Fajitas!” Seriously though, how can anyone not think Ross in this episode is hilarious? It’s the aftermath of Ross finding out Rachel and Joey are together, where Ross invited everyone to dinner, got drunk and said some hilarious stuff, as shown… 876 more words


Dealing with the roommates.

Do you have more of this moment

or this moment?

We can’t deny that we’ve all experienced both feelings. You can’t totally love or hate your roommates; you have those moments where you’re like Arrrrrgggghhhhh!! 414 more words


I'm Watching Friends: S1. E.6

I’ve never watched Friends before. It’s now on Netflix so I’m blogging about each one of the 67,987 episodes. It’s a big task, but someone has to do it. 620 more words

Friends and my fanfic urges

So, Friends just went on Netflix. Yes, that means many of you are about to lose 110 hours of your life watching all ten seasons again. 382 more words

Living Conditions


Every South Carolinian knows that even a few measly snowflakes can lead to chaos in the Palmetto State and neighboring areas. It seems as though our ability to drive and control ourselves vanishes when the mercury in the thermometer drops below thirty-two degrees. 376 more words