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The Color Run

I had the most fun this weekend that I have had in bit.  Patrick and I did the color run.  After which, we ate, drank and were merry listening to live music on an out door patio in 75 degree weather.   33 more words

An Expensive Day

I don’t think Mark’s cleaning guy likes me much.  Today when he saw me it went something like “Oh – your here!”  It messed up my morning a bit so I didn’t shower before I went to the eye doctor.   139 more words

New Doo.... ;-)

I got my hair done today.  I had a crazy line of demarcation between blonde and not as blonde with a whole lot of gray sprinkled in.   122 more words

A Whole Lot of Nothing....

Hola Chicas and Chicos!! Not much new here. I tried to visit a toastmaster meeting this week but it was a no go.  It was at a police station and there was just a lot of angry looking folks (policemen) which deterred me from just parking (at the records lot) and heading in.   119 more words

My Long Weekend

Weekend was okay.  I went to a new members meet-up on Saturday.  Meet some nice ladies and kind of a dicky boy.  I picked up my Christmas present from the Nerd Herd with only 56 viruses and then I went the gym.   361 more words

Dentist and More

Just a quick note before bed. I went to the dentist and got x-rays, my teeth cleaned, and I was told I needed more crowns.  I showed up at the dentist which had castles, dragons, and knights all over the wall.   129 more words

Great Places

It was a long day.  Interviews and no news abound, bills were paid and the resume gods remain silent.  Dentist appointments were made and I caught up with some friends.   67 more words