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Ops! I might be an ass..

Sunday I got to have dinner with Parm.  It was so great to see her.  Mark made an amazing dinner and we had wine from the 100 Acre vineyard.   206 more words

Eat Lemons

Been a nice weekend and I got some time off from applying for jobs.  Friday night we went to a Suns game.  There mascott is weird – its a gorilla.   185 more words

Not Earth Shattering

It’s late so no big or earth shattering writing today.  2 phone screens, 1 yoga class, cooking dinner, countless thank you notes and a meet-up group.   200 more words


(This didn’t post from yesterday — so here we go again)

So my self-soothing efforts are at full press and I can’t even do any of the stuff that I would like to do to be soothed.   279 more words


The weird thing about not having a job is it takes so much more discipline than I have on a daily basis; its exhausting.  Discipline to apply, to study, to shower, to not watch TV.   162 more words

Jacob Marley

My day was good.  I slept in and we had breakfast at the Corner restaurant in Westport.  Is was yummy and the waitress was adorable. We got gas and I got dropped off at the airport for more Who. 134 more words

August Arrest Tempe Az

Chances are if your reading this part of my story you already know the events that transpired August 4,2014. If you don’t know this chapter in my life’s events then grab yourself some type of mind altering substance and enjoy the read. 621 more words

Phoenix Az.