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My Messy, Beautiful Life- Me And My Masscott

I understand there are some things we want to protect our children from for as long as we can. But for me, my daughter does not get to know who I am without knowing my story. 1,189 more words

How I Know It’s Time to Buy a Book

Unlike many writer-bloggers, I’m not a voracious book-a-holic. Sure, I love reading and I love finding new plots, but when term starts, I have to cull how much I read. 667 more words


Are Phoenix Ashes Impatient?

When a Phoenix dies, do its remains know they will be reborn?

This past few months I have managed to; loose my dad, quit my job, … 534 more words

Current Conditions

Here's Your, Wait For It.... High One, Barney

In spite of my finely tuned sense of inherently knowing what’s right and what’s wrong, I joined 12.9 million other schmucks and broke down and watched the final episode of “How I Met Your Mother”, but I think that my reasoning for this was justified. 121 more words

Phoenix Rising - A Review

An explosive start in the first Peculiar Occurrences book.


Phoenix Rising

I am struggling with my health and weight and have been for about eight years. It’s definitely done a number on my self-esteem and made me more than a little hermit-like. 147 more words

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising's 'Pulling Prints Toegther'

Join Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative for their opening reception of ‘Pulling Prints Together’. Exhibition runs March 7- April 25. ‘Pulling Prints Together’ is a group exhibition by members of the cooperative. 24 more words

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