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Best, Worst & Unique in Ace Attorney: Soundtracks

Ever heard anyone say that a game that doesn’t use voice acting makes much better use of its soundtrack? Well this could not be truer in regards to the… 1,537 more words


Fanfiction Month: Get Your Law Degree Online Today!

I love these games. I took a gamble with this one as Phoenix Wright isn’t the most well known game and Lisa is not exactly the most famous character. 15 more words


Top 5 Best Upcoming Nintendo 3DS Games

Despite all the hubbub about Microsoft’s and Sony’s new-gen consoles around this time of year, there are still plenty of reasons to pay attention to your dear old… 1,206 more words


Game Review: Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is probably a very misleading title. You don’t get to see them knocking heads with each other (unfortunately, we’ve yet to see any adequate swordplay from Wright) but what you do get is a partnership in its most basic meaning. 1,248 more words

The Facts About Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Capcom has released the facts about the new installment to the Phoenix Wright franchise for the Ace Attorney Trilogy!

Defend the innocent and save the day! 388 more words


Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Review

Although both gameplay styles never really mix, the combination they create here leads to some astonishing results

Chemistry dictates that oil and water do not mix; their molecules just do not get along with each other. 1,421 more words


October Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Phoenix Wright - Trials & Tribulations (Redux Game Edition)

It’s Halloween week and somehow October has blown right past us. It has for me at least. A lot has been going on this month. Among the things that would be keeping me busy are my video game challenges. 627 more words

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