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Shenandoah Mill Arizona Spring Wedding | Gilbert, Arizona Wedding Photographer

A few weeks ago I posted Jessica and Joe’s South Mountain engagement session. After about a year of planning, making gorgeous country themed decoration, and enjoying the excitement with their friends and family, their big day was finally upon us. 19 more words



The fear of the unknown can rip a person apart from the inside out, but it’s what gives us our humanity. It’s what makes us wonderful. 301 more words

Writer's High

Writing will make anyone appear as if they are on an emotional rollercoaster. I’ve had mostly dips this Camp Nano. However, I clutch on to the little warm fuzzies. 530 more words

Aspiring Author

The Phoenix

With every passing day, she learns. Grows a bit wiser with every single moment of life. With every heartbreak, every shard of disappointment, every trickle of broken promises, unintentional misunderstandings, and every stab of cruelty, she adjusts herself. 112 more words

Musings of a Phoenix

Long have I bathed myself in darkness- drenched my body and mind in shadow-

All in the hopes of coaxing out the fire inside my heart and soul. 72 more words


By Cody Ward

For celebrities, image can be one of the most important factors to their profitability and net worth. As such, how the public perceives them can drastically affect their careers. 556 more words

Stressed Out? Can’t relax? I Found a Spa Treatment of the future for that – R & R with Balance Coach Anita Welsch!

Recently I was stressed out and really needing to relax.  I bet you’ve never felt that way huh?

I was unable to relax because I had some decisions to make. 1,098 more words

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