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Ritchin, Mayes, Worth-New Media New Journalism

Today we listened to the New Media, New Journalism seminar, which can be found on http://www.phonar.org

Stephen Mayes, Most recently a Director of Severn Photo, a photojournalist, he has been involved in fashion photography, commercial photography with getty images and also in the art world at eye storm. 923 more words


#phonar: Spoken Narrative Task

Since I knew that this was going to be one of the tasks for #phonar, I knew that this was the story I would tell. 508 more words


Write a personal story

My story is about very close friend of mine who suffered with anorexia, her struggles had a big impact on my life as well and I wanted to try an display some of the pain and emotion I felt through the years. 345 more words


Phonar: Task 2- Eyes & Ears

For our second task, we were told to work in pairs on a task called Eyes & Ears. The point of this task was to consider how our senses can really impact the way the we view and hear the world. 393 more words


#phonar: Fred Ritchin and Stephen Mayes in Conversation with Jonathan Worth Interview

My Storify of the tweets from the interview between Jonathan Worth, Stephen Mayes and Fred Ritchin can be found here.

You can also see the Storify compiled by Jonathan Worth from the previous session of his discussion with Fred Ritchin here.


#Phonar: Learning Objectives

This module will explore key narrative structures that exist within a range of professional photographic practices. Historical and contemporary case studies will address fundamental questions exploring how narrative is conceived, formulated and read within photography?Students will be required to extend their ability to deconstruct photographs within a narrative context and then apply this understanding within their own practice. 221 more words