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Evaluation and reflection: Wasma Mansour.

In Phonar we are looking at the work of Wasma Mansour and the ‘Single Saudi Women’ project. Mansour regards┬áthe women involved as ‘participants’ and never ‘subjects’. 305 more words


Phonar Evaluation

Phonar Evaluation:

I have found Phonar to be quite an in depth examination around the issues of photography and narrative. Focusing mainly on photojournalism and the idea of creating images that instigate change, I have found myself fascinated by this genre of photography which is so different to my practice of fashion photography, which is more commercial. 1,722 more words


Phonar week 8: Fred Ritchin Interview Reflection

For our eighth week of phonar, we listened to two final interviews. The first was a 20 for 20 interview with Fred Ritchin, with members from our phonar class, and the second was a video interview create by James McDonald about his father, photographer Ian McDonald. 3,519 more words


#Phonar - Session Five Response

What an amazing lecture! Wasmour mansour and Dalia Khamissy, two very inspirational and fascinating artists.

Wasmour Mansour


Dalia Khamissy



#Phonar - Session Two Reflection and Task (In Bed Poorly)

Guest Lecture: Fred Ritchin (After Photography)

Unfortunately due to illness I had to miss todays lecture. Jonathan Worth interviewed Fred Ritchin, famous photojournalist and documentary photographer and writer. 2,734 more words



After looking at what’s already out there I decided some key things;

  • I need to reach people on social media so it needs to be something that people are going to watch and keep engaged in until the end.
  • 327 more words

What's already out there?

With my past research I have gone off topic a little bit. I started thinking about my problem again, what I am concerned about and why. 618 more words