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Eli Saf - Phone Calls

Continuing his Summer campaign Eli(@TWOCUPELI) brings you the thoughts of a late phone call from an ex with some help from his homie Ohhpe

Appreciation, Gratitude and Thanks

Shanon Doolittle and I are having so much fun leading the Gratitude Camp!

For those campers hanging with us, I’ve brought together my previous posts about appreciation, gratitude and thanks. 260 more words


...Who Hates Phone Calls.

Hate is a strong word. But bear with me. I know it’s weird, or maybe it’s not. I’ve heard it both ways. Anymore I’m sure it’s not necessarily strange what with the way technology has made us more and more impersonal. 1,271 more words


Twilight talk and lightning bugs

My son calls every weekend, usually after supper, when the long afternoon sunlight begins to dim. I sit in my apartment with the lights off, and as we talk, I watch the day turn from light to twilight. 329 more words



For every phone call, there is a different mask the collector must wear.  Every syllable uttered should be a hushed hope, a saving hand, a second or third or fourth or fifth chance at resolving an outstanding debt that has gone so far past its proper repayment period that it has landing in collections.  249 more words



Monday, July 14

I called Cover Oregon (Oregon’s health insurance organization) this afternoon because they had called me Friday. “Well, there’s no notes on your account. 203 more words

Awkward on the phone.

I rarely talk on the phone because I prefer meeting in person or chatting through texts. The phone isn’t my ideal form of communication because I’m deprived of conversational cues from the other person’s body language. 325 more words