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True Detective Stories

If you read yesterday’s posts, you know I was not having a good day. When the urologist appointment concluded, I had to rush into work for the 3-11 tour. 166 more words

True Detective Stories

Day 25: Who We Are

I feel a little weird today, and I’m not sure why. Yesterday, actually, was fantastic. I finally got the phone call made to the office of my new neurologist, and that appointment is on October 29. 604 more words

Chronic Migraine


There is a huge amount of talk about online dating sites and apps lately. And it seems I can’t browse the internet without tripping over an ad for a site. 426 more words



Tonight’s Theme: Spelling Out Words Over the Phone


  • We practiced conversation by talking about different get-to-know-you topics (fears, favorite animals, relaxing activities, etc.) with partners.
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Finishing FINAL FANTASY II again and calling Jeremy for an RSVP

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Phone Calls

The Wall of Inspiration

I work an office job. I answer phones. And I have to talk to the people on the other end of that phone. Sometimes they are nice. 350 more words

Inappropriate Footnotes


Tonight’s Theme: Making General Phone Calls


  • Welcome back from vacation!
  • We began a new unit on phone calls and other forms of communication.  Students discussed difficult experiences they have had when making a phone call in English.
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