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App Proves That You Can Buy Love As Low As $25

Turns out money can buy love just for $25 at that. There is this new app out that allows you to have an invisible girlfriend/ boyfriend for just $25. 33 more words

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The evil phone

I am an introvert.

Whew! It feels good to get that out in the open!

Wait…don’t go, this is a real post, I promise.

Like I said, I’m an introvert. 510 more words


Software bug made the seemingly secure Blackphone vulnerable to snooping

The Blackphone might not be as secure as advertised.

Ars Technica reports that the device had a bug which allowed anyone to read messages sent to it, write code to its internal storage, view its contacts list, and track its location. 192 more words


Scattered Bits and Pieces

I only write today to put down some of what I’m feeling.


I suppose this anger has its root in resistance, in wishing things to be other than they are…wishing myself other than I am. 164 more words


Writing Exercise: Do You Rehearse Phone Calls Before Making Them?

Last week, The New York Times ran a Modern Love column that, as far as I can tell, garnered more attention than any previous Modern Love column has. 599 more words


Phone batteries

I’m grateful today that my phone battery lasted all day long without needing a charge.

Why am I grateful for this? Because even when my battery was at 36%, it lasted long enough to answer a phone call that significantly lifted my spirits for the day, and will allow me to go to sleep with a smile on my face. 103 more words

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I'm Doing Long Distance...with my B.F.F

I just had the longest phone conversation with my best friend. Time doesn’t seem to exist in our world. We can be on the phone for like 35 mins and my boyfriend will still think it’s an hour. 212 more words

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