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Phone In for a Friend

Waiting for a phone call is possibly the worst type of waiting. It’s like being in the line at the DMV, except there’s a huge possibility that your number will never get called and the entire time you sit there all you can think of is how much you regret every decision you’ve made up to that point in your life. 865 more words


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Seems that Chinese Eric called me from his cell phone yesterday afternoon when I wasn’t here. Whoops!

You Persuade with Pathos

When there’s some convincing to do, you like to rely on emotional appeals. 136 more words

Phone Calls

The Lady on Mommy's Phone

Trip: And Mommy, when it’s my birthday I want you to call Brant and invite him to my party.
Me: I don’t know his phone number. 45 more words

Phone Calls

Phone Call

I got an unusual phone call yesterday.

Of course, in my line of work, most of the random phone calls that I receive are unusual in some way.   499 more words


4 Simple Steps to Secure an Informational Meeting

Recently I wrote about why informational meetings are vital to your job search and why you should be trying to arrange as many of these each week as you can manage.  143 more words

Job Search

Regretting a phone call I never made

James Guthrie was the first in a long line of excellent reporters I’ve hired over the years, and not only was he one of the best writers and storytellers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with, he was also a good friend. 662 more words


Ring, Ring...

When my phone rings I cringe. The thought of someone actually calling me is draining. One of my close friends referred to speaking on the phone as a “chore”. 213 more words