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ConfiGAP 1.3.13 released!

I released an update to ConfiGAP today. This update added support for PhoneGap 3.5! I am also trying to extend the icon and splashscreen support. I have not confirmed that some of the larger sizes are support on PhoneGap Build yet. 26 more words

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Installing PhoneGap for Android on Windows 8

It took my quite some time to install the latest PhoneGap (2.9.1 as for now) for Android on Windows 8. I’ve found this Blog particularly useful. 38 more words

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PhoneGap Day(s) and a Call for Speakers

The PhoneGap team just announced the dates for PhoneGap Day(s). This year PhoneGap Day will be held in San Francisco on October 24th and Berlin on September 26th. 93 more words

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Developing Headless Applications with WebWorks

A Headless application is native code that can run without any UI, with minimal memory and CPU cycles. However, developing a WebWorks application that works together with a headless service is relatively easy. 497 more words

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Cordova 3.5.0 Now on PhoneGap Build

PhoneGap Build has added support for Cordova 3.5.0.

I will be updating ConfiGAP shortly to support this, but in the meantime, you can edit your  config.xml with <preference name=”phonegap-version” value=”3.5.0″ />. 29 more words

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Cordova iOS Plugin Interface - upcoming changes

The plugin interfaces below will be deprecated in Apache Cordova 3.6.0 (iOS), and will be removed totally in the major release of 4.0.0 later this year. 96 more words


Testing Phonegap/Cordova applications fast as hell in the device (with ionic framework)

Normally when we work with Phonegap/Cordova applications we work in two phases. First we develop the application locally using our browser. That’s “fast” phase. We change something within our code, then we reload our browser and we see the outcome. 1,153 more words