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Cordova/Phonegap: snippet to get auto-complete suggestions

About this snippet

This post contains a short JavaScript snippet to get auto-complete suggestions directly from Google; free, unlimited, and without Google developers account. 532 more words


Displaying a prepopulated database with AngularJS

I am trying out different ways to have a prepopulated database in an app. This time I’m experimenting with AngularJS. The following article show how to display an array of data AngularJS style, filtering the output with two buttons. 1,510 more words


Getting started: Ionic + ES6

For some context: When working on front end stuff, I’ve always written pure javascript with the exception of a few one off coffee script fixes. I’m super stoked about ES6 and have been converting many of my js heavy projects to use some of the ES6 syntax. 875 more words

HTML5 Brings Future into Technology

HTML5 is the revolution which the web technology needs in today’s competitive environment. If we look at the recently launched application in the market then we learn that HTML5 is the future platform for the web application development. 299 more words


Prepopulated Database with TaffyDB for iOS and Android with Cordova

I thought I would look for an alternate to SQLite to display a prepopulated database. Research (and successfully creating a working version) led me to TaffyDB. 2,301 more words


Find events bound to an element using jQuery

The following line of code was a lifesaver for me, I was developing a phone gap (cordova) application and the camera bound to an onClick event was called 3 times. 47 more words