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Ionic Framework

Ionic Framework é um framework criado para desenvolver aplicações hibridas, usando html5 e javascript, para Android e Iphone. O Ionic Framework é gratuito e pode ser obtido nesse link  376 more words


The significance of PhoneGap in cross-platform development

In this day and age, Smartphones, not to mention, are the latest trend in the communication world and the variety of friendly applications have stepped up their demand and fame among the customers even more than ever before. 500 more words

How to add/remove/update the plugins in PhoneGap Application.

Introduction: Plugin can be described as the add-on which can be used to extend the application and add new feature using third party software/tools. In earlier version of PhoneGap (<3.0) all the inbuilt plugins (camera, file, notification, geolocation etc) were added automatically in the application and also the references has been added in the config.xml file. 618 more words


How to use String in sencha touch? Example and source code.


String is a global object that may be used to construct String instances.

String objects may be created by calling the constructor new String() The String object wraps JavaScript’s string primitive data type with the methods described below. 453 more words

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How to use Number in sencha touch? Example and source code.

Creates a wrapper object to allow you to work with numerical values.

The primary uses for the Number object are:

If the argument cannot be converted into a number, it returns NaN. 195 more words

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How to use Object in sencha touch? Example and source code.


Creates an object wrapper.

The Object constructor creates an object wrapper for the given value. If the value is null or undefined, it will create and return an empty object, otherwise, it will return an object of a type that corresponds to the given value. 1,124 more words

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How to use RegExp in sencha touch? Example and source code.


Creates a regular expression object for matching text according to a pattern.

When using the constructor function, the normal string escape rules (preceding special characters with \ when included in a string) are necessary. 590 more words

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