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365 Day Photo Challenge – Week Four

Sunday 22/265: Went to Stoke Newington for the first time (trying to visit a cemetery, but missing the opening hours) and had a Brief Encounter… 123 more words


365 of Me: 325/41

Yes, I’m posting a pic of my new tool set. I’m not a craftsman, handy man, or power tool junkie. I am usually one of those people who have made it through most of their life with nothing more than a hammer, a screwdriver, and maybe a wrench or two, and an Allen wrench but only because it came free with something that had to be assembled at one time. 172 more words

366 Of Me - A Year Of Photos

Handmade marker

I’ve been to some fancy cemeteries – and have posted a lot of images from them – but the cemeteries I like the best are ones like these, in out-of-the-way towns that are mostly forgotten (the towns and the cemeteries, I mean.) 78 more words


November 16th-20th (Photo A Day)

The last few photo a day prompts have been fun and interesting.

November 16 – after

AFTER a few hours I completed this Optimus Prime Kre-o (we had owned it for a few years and I was determined it would be done). 177 more words


Photo for the day

I know I’m suppose to be doing a photo a day for the 365 photo a day challenge, but in this busy hectic lifestyle of kids, trying to keep up with the house work, trying to take care of business etc it’s not always easy to get time to do it everyday, but that’s ok :) I have however managed to take a moment to snap these beautiful photographs for the challenge, I especially love the one of my husband giving my youngest son a kiss on the forehead while he slept. :D

Photo A Day (11/21/14): Bennie's Post

My cat is so pretty. And the afternoon sun really added some great contrast!