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This app reminds you of all the photos you forgot you took

Photos. We take them. And sometimes we share them somewhere online¬†—¬†and then totally forget about them. But what if you could open an app and it served up autogenerated video slideshows of some of your photos? 466 more words


The Possibilities Multiply :-) :-)

Four Image Studies

These altered photos began with images that I would classify as Almost Wonderful but Not Quite, so when I took them into programs that allowed me to alter them, I came away with an entirely different classification. 423 more words


Playing with Color

Check out the following photos. Wow! I thought the original images were good, but after playing with different color and saturation values, I created images that are scary-good. 306 more words


Photo blog tips: natural light

It’s said that a photograph can tell a thousand words – which has perhaps never been more true than when it comes to blogs. Particularly with beauty, fashion and lifestyle genres, you only need to glance your hungry eyes at sites like Instagram and Pinterest to see the thousands of daily uploads just begging to be pinned and loved. 697 more words

Beauty Blog

Trash Into Treasure

Who would have thought that this photo would translate into something interesting? The answer to this query is, ‘Not me!’ I was just about to send this image to the trash when I had the idea to send it to a photo app and see what I could do. 234 more words


Tips for Food photography on Instagram

Its always challenge to be creative and different in your instagram feeds.. here is a few of my tips below… = )

Tell a process… 589 more words

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