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Photo Archive: Cathedral in the Mist, Lincoln, Date Unknown.

At one point, if I remember rightly, Lincoln Cathedral was the tallest building in Europe, so this mist must have been quite something to obscure my view of it! 65 more words

Photo Archive.

What's Next with MerlinX

MerlinX, our new web client for our Merlin Digital Asset Management product is not even a year old and we have already endowed it with new features and functions. 331 more words

Digital Asset Management

Stunning Sunset

September 12th produced a most beautifully colored sunset. Hope you got to enjoy it in person..if not, here’s what I was lucky enough to capture..& there’s no editing! 28 more words


Modern Art in an Old City

One of our stops on the tour, after the New Mosque and spice bazaar, was Istanbul Modern, the museum of modern art. I like to wander through art exhibits and can appreciate many types of art, but usually I get overwhelmed after about half an hour. 423 more words

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Pic Potpourri

fountain~sunset~hummingbird                                 (click pics for larger view)

Elizabeth Park fountain

Bellingham Bay sunset

& hummingbird in a glass Chihuly cactus..at least 15+ ft tall  :) Thanks for checkin’ in today! 7 more words


random bikepic~20

random bikepic~20

‘Stylin’ It’ …parked outside the ‘Looking Glass Salon‘ on Magnolia on a nice summer day…thanks for ridin’ in today & happy biking!  bb >*<                         




‘Gettin’ Close to Sunset’

….on August 20th, downtown Bellingham..thanks for stoppin’ in this day & have a super great weekend! bb>*<   (click on pic for detailed view)