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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

The Holocaust – six million dead; it seems like just a number. But these numbers represent people – people like you, your sister or brother, your mum or dad, your gran or grandfather. 862 more words


Wundring Aloud

This is Post Number 100, and I think that I should thank Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull for the title of this post!

Over the last months – year – since I started blogging, I realised that I have gone crazy.   244 more words


Solution X

এই বছরের নাট্ট্য উতসবে আমরা বাদল সরকারের লেখা – সলুশান এক্স – মঞ্ছস্থ করলাম। নাটক নির্দেশক ছিলেন আসিম দাস। হাসির নাটক, সবাই ভাল বলেছে। বহু বছর পর স্টেজে উঠে বাংলা নাটক করলাম।

Photo Blogs

Urban Art - Why bother???

When someone thinks about graffiti, the first visual is many times about gangs or unruly teenagers spray painting on someone’s property and creating havoc.  In many cases though, “graffiti” can takes the form of amazing pieces of temporary art that give a forum for expressions of outrage, cries for help, celebrations of urban triumph, or simply a livening of an otherwise sterile space of concrete and brick.   478 more words


Say what you mean

How you say it matters as much as what you want to say. The tone. The non-verbal cues. The eye contact. Sighs and grunts. It all matters.