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Big cats - Photo design gifts

Enjoy this lovely photodesign gifts for animal lovers.  Unique products, only to be found at zazzle. All original photo and design.



Wild Cats – Coat Rack… 28 more words


Megan Summerville Lingerie ft. Lydia H.

Nostalgic Vintage Lingerie Shoot in Texas

greggcestaro.com This was a shoot I had wanted to do for a long time, and we had a great opportunity to photograph some of Megan Summerville’s lingerie, since Lydia just returned from NYC for some R&R in Texas. 409 more words

Photo Design

Photography and design

I taught advertising photography for four years at Universidad Católica de Manizales. I always told my students that pictures for advertising had to be conceptualized thinking in terms of design. I’m currently doing photo-design for my friends at La Casa Amarilla and Luz en Sí Mismo Yoga Studio and I love the process of creation. I’m always amazed with the results, how image and text join in a powerful and complementary way to convey a message. Two different kinds of  “codes” blending perfectly.

I enjoy setting up the scene thinking of the text that will be somewhere on the image and editing and designing on mind during the process. I love to apply composition concepts to allow the design to come in and make a perfect couple with the image within the frame.

I want to share with you some of the images that I like the most because it was a very nice experience making them and because of the change in our perception of them when we see them as a complete advertising piece.

Weaving words and images is another way to make poetry.


Photo Contest: Elevate and Levitate


I took two shots for this image. The first I took with the model in the picture, sitting on top of a table. The second I took of just the background. 160 more words

Photo Design

Bannack: HDR

Three-Shot HDR

Images Used

One-Shot HDR



For the image of Bannack I used brackets to capture three different exposure images of the one scene. 66 more words

Photo Design

Bannack Best


After taking these images I edited them in Photoshop. I desaturated the image of the doorknob to make it black and white. I desaturated and then added a Sepia filter to the photo of the image of the keepsakes. 178 more words

Photo Design

Bannack: Macro Abstract


To create the blended image I took the two pictures and opened them in Photoshop. I added a solid purple fill layer to the thread image, changed the bland mode to Overlay and reduced the opacity. 73 more words

Photo Design