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Embrace All of the Lights

Guys, I’ve recently taken a new interest in editing! (Well, not exactly NEW. I used to be into photography.) Anywho, below I’ve included a link to a short of a few photos I recently edited. 51 more words

Curtain of Light / Jubilant (Tan Renga)

At Carpe Diem Tan Renga #64, our task was to add two lines (in approximately 7/7) to Dolores wonderful hokku about the Northern Lights – creating tan renga (tanka-for-two, if you will).  79 more words

Photographic Reflections (August)

Looking at the August folder, it would seem that as the my reviews move through the year, I have less to choose from. This could be a case of checking images immediately after taking them more often, or deleting the ones I didn’t like straight after upload. 259 more words

Teddy Black & White #1 Photo101 Rehab

Teddy Black & White #1 Photo101 Rehab

I got nominated by the wonderful Lisa from Graydaysandcoffee who is a fab photographer and poet, so pop by her blog, say hello, have a cuppa and peruse all she has to offer, thank you Lisa :-) 464 more words

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