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A Rarity for Me

I classify myself as a “pure and natural” photographer.  Other than cropping, I rarely alter anything else about a photo I’ve taken.  Today, being one of those rare days however, I decided to play with some of the filters available and this is what I came up with.  8 more words


Photo Editing Apps for Android

These days everyone is a photographer, and usually through the lens of their smart phone. I’ve downloaded and worked with the top 3 free photo editing apps found in the Google Play Store and have listed some of the positive and negative aspects of each – to save you the time of doing it yourself. 427 more words

Photo Editing

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post is reflections.  It could be a nice photo of a landscape reflected over water, or a photo that captures a reflection about yourself or things you love.  83 more words


Colorful standoff

She has the patch of sunlight; he has the crumpled paper and the toy….

Topaz Simplify 4 - Part Three

Topaz Simplify 4 has a “Painting” module, and that is what we are showing today. It too has a lot of presets, and I’ll give a small flavor of each grouping below. 712 more words

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Topaz Simplify 4 - Part Two

Topaz Simplify 4 has a module called “Detail Removal and Enhancement”, but it’s more for cleaning up an image than for playing with it. The module after that is called “Line & Ink”, and that grouping is what we’ll see here. 785 more words

Photography Stuff

Topaz Simplify 4 - Part One

I mentioned Topaz Simplify 4 in some of my posts. I wanted to show some of the ‘one click’ presets available to users.

I say ‘one click’ to differentiate them from what you can modify on your own, either starting with a given preset, or starting from scratch (although starting from a given preset is easier). 641 more words

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