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Revisiting the Sound

with the help of Leonardo again-

One of the things that I most want to get a better handle on in using this app is working with layers and collage. 303 more words


Another Visit with Leonardo

the app that is-

I do not know what the attraction is for me with leaf litter, but I guess I can see lots of shapes, textures and patterns when looking at it. 203 more words


New Worlds

and new approaches I think will mark what is left of the month.

I have to be honest; I am kind of scrambling around these days trying to figure out what to do.   196 more words


Daylighted - Blog - Impressionistic Photography

Using long exposure, multiple exposure, digital stitching and photo stacking, photographers are going beyond the limits of photo-realistic, representative work. Photographers are demonstrating their imagination, inspiration, and interpretation in their efforts to move from realism to emotion and expression.

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Photo Impressionism

In the Garden

I think this week’s starting point at least will be with Polamatic, which for me is a wonderful return to the days of the Polaroid when it was THE go-to camera for many families. 149 more words


Black and White in the Backyard

I was not sure exactly what to do for the coming week in terms of app experimentation, so I have a feeling I may be bouncing around a bit. 142 more words


Morning Glory

This wraps experimenting with Distressed FX for now-one more shot of the sound, taken in the morning. I was thinking of the color palette and light that characterize much of  J.M.W. 58 more words