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Add Water

to a Leonardo app and you can come up with some interesting stuff-this photograph is of water running down the curb from a heavy rainstorm. I was not sure what to do with it, so ran it through Leonardo- 14 more words


Unknown Worlds

Another attempt working with Leonardo, this time with three different images. Two of the images came from Greenock Farms and the other, courtesy of Currituck Sound. 180 more words



A quick post for today–a revisit to the mirror filter on Leonardo for these crêpe myrtle blooms that fell to the sidewalk-

Image taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Leonardo

For today: Kaleidoscope


Revisiting the Sound

with the help of Leonardo again-

One of the things that I most want to get a better handle on in using this app is working with layers and collage. 303 more words


Another Visit with Leonardo

the app that is-

I do not know what the attraction is for me with leaf litter, but I guess I can see lots of shapes, textures and patterns when looking at it. 203 more words


New Worlds

and new approaches I think will mark what is left of the month.

I have to be honest; I am kind of scrambling around these days trying to figure out what to do.   196 more words


Daylighted - Blog - Impressionistic Photography

Using long exposure, multiple exposure, digital stitching and photo stacking, photographers are going beyond the limits of photo-realistic, representative work. Photographers are demonstrating their imagination, inspiration, and interpretation in their efforts to move from realism to emotion and expression.

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Photo Impressionism