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An exercise in monochromatic tones-

Image taken with iPhone 4s and processed with Snapseed, Photo Retouch, Pic-Tap-Go and PhotoToaster

For today: White-Out


One Still Life-Four Ways

Dragged some cherry blossom branches inside today to work with a still life idea-

Here are four different ways in which the images were worked-all were ┬átaken with the iPhone 4s and processed in Snapseed using the Drama and HDR filters and blurred just a bit-after that, one image was run through Pic-Tap-Go utilizing a combination of the filters “Warm It Up,” “Randsburg,” and “Eternal.” Then another image processed with Snapseed, and Pic-Tap-Go was run through Aviary using the Clyde filter. 35 more words


What Spring Looks Like

Walking around the neighborhood today and was able to spot the first blue hydrangeas of the season as well as the last of the tulips- 18 more words


Take 12! + 1-April

Well, I am embarrassed-

All day on the 12th, something was nagging at me, but I could not put my finger on it-no, I did not look at my calendar either which is what I normally do. 168 more words


Walking with Angels . . .

sort of anyway-I went back and started working again on my series of dog angel portraits-who knew Hubble could look so angelic?

Image taken with iPhone 4s and processed with Snapseed, Photo Retouch, Pic-Tap-Go and PhotoToaster… 7 more words


David duChemin:The Visual Imagination - updated

If you don’t follow David duChemin, you should. A great photographer with lots to say.

duChemin has just announced the release of an e-book focussed on abstract and photo impressionistic images. 124 more words


It's That Time . . .

I was so excited to be greeted by the new blossoms on the cherry tree on my return home-You all will no doubt be seeing a lot of these over the next little while-I love photographing them- 18 more words