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B & W Challenge - Day 2

I consider myself fortunate to have my backyard. I always find something to photograph–even several times over as some of you have seen. Every corner and cranny has something to offer and the seasons change enough here for even more variety and texture. 227 more words


B&W Challenge-Day 1

I think this is just what I needed-so Thank You to Lee at Beyond Purgatory for inviting me to participate in this challenge. Lately, I have been doing more black and white work-and am again struck by how infinite the variations there can be in the black and white spectrum. 99 more words


Afternoon Sun

pouring through one of the office windows-I am taking a photography class about finding your photographic *voice.* One of the assignments was “contours” so I spent some time studying the shadows here. 17 more words


Amaryllis Two

This is a Minerva amaryllis that has been sitting by the window now for a couple of weeks. The branch in the background is a shadow from the fig tree outside. 18 more words



This image was one of the Take 12! photographs taken last week. I thought it had possibilities that I did not have time to explore then, so I worked with its yesterday. 32 more words


Out to Pasture

A portrait of one of the residents at Greenock using the Pentax and playing with the program Topaz Impression. It felt kind of funny to have the big camera in my hands-it made me realize how much the iPhone has dominated my photography over the course of the last year particularly. 19 more words


Looking Ahead

I thought I might have a better sense of what I wanted to do this year with the blog, but so far, nothing has really jumped out at me. 222 more words