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Battle. Ships.

Battleship Sunk!

A sun sets on a winter’s day. Navy ships are at port. I wait for you. My heart breaks.

Giant Snowman!

No, it isn’t real. I created the snowman in Blender and took the photo from our window, then I combined them in Gimp.

3d Modeling

Why do we sweat the small stuff???

Usually, the more important a subject is to us, the more likely we are to move it into a better vibrational feeling place. Whereas with less important subjects, the negative emotions we may be feeling are less intense in strength and duration, and is something many are prepared to live with. 729 more words


Watching the Surf

They Sat And Watched the Sea, Long After Everyone Else Had Left
Original photo by Marcos January, edited/manipulated by Julie January

Happy weekend, everyone! We’re still working out the kinks in our schedules, so that was can provide you, dear end user, with more regular and reliable work. 48 more words

I Didn't Delete It!

Silhouetted Blimp

Yaaaaay! I love this shot! I’m so happy that– in my rush to move everything I need from my tablet to my phone until I can repair the tablet– I did not (thank goodness) erase this photo in my haste. 15 more words

Stick Season On Bostwick Road

Stick Season On Bostwick Road
Digital Art / Photo Manipulation

Many say that we have six seasons in Vermont. Stick Season is that season, after the autumn leaves have fallen but before the winter snows have arrived, when the land is brown, the skies are grey and the deciduous trees have become just sticks. 7 more words