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Youth Without Borders: Creative writing and photography exhibition at Caucasian House

On 19 July the final exhibition of our project on Creative Writing and Photography, result of the previous workshop sessions given in the Skra and Shaumiani IDP settlements, took place at Caucasian House.

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Photo Narratives

Urbex at Kino Zvezda

Well-hidden and hard to access, this Soviet cinema room had been a good surprise and a consequent pleasant exploration. Its worn out leather seats and impressive stage encircled by the rotten wall surfaces set up a definitely mysterious scene!

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Urbex at abandoned Synagogue

Another lost and hidden place located somewhere in Georgia. Beautiful colors and patterns complete its sacred atmosphere! In renovation process that has been profoundly belated, this hidden gem is currently accessible and in good condition!

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Urbex at Lurji Tevzi

Abandoned restaurant from Soviet times located in soviet resort town somewhere in Georgia. Some explicit machinery  from those times combined with a variety of background textures made some interesting compositions. A lost place-a great find!

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Urbex at Villa Valeti

Hidden inside a green oasis, this wooden villa from Soviet times does not only have a spectacular facade but also some interesting architectural interior. A few shots of objects that had been left behind were found as well.

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Stalin's Rope Roads in Chiatura

Even if the cable cars of the Georgian mining town of Chiatura date back to 1954 and the Soviet era, they are still used today and are considered the quickest way to get around. 48 more words

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Seventy-two Laborers

Follow the trail of food from the farm to a restaurant plate and see the faces that help along the way.