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Photo of the Day - 2014-04-23

A look back at where Thunder Creek meets the Big Sound. Parry Sound is in the distance. It’s more obvious how far the ice has receded with the inflow of the water. 14 more words

Photo Of The Day

Adder and its victim

Sweep is subdued and has a swollen face but will be OK after treatment

Country Life

Clatter of the Day #2039

I stepped onto the balcony this afternoon to capture the sound of our jellies clattering in the breeze. I must have startled the wind, because it hushed up the moment I started filming. 80 more words

Photo Of The Day

The Waterfalls of Commerce City

And some are foolish enough to think our civilization is civilized. (multiple photos)

Photo Of The Day

Wordless Wednesday ~ None of my words on the future.....


We spend our lives dreaming
of the future, not realizing that
a little of it slips away every day.
Barbara Johnson



Every experience God gives us, every person… 175 more words

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