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Birdy Went A-Courtin'

Apparently my doodle game is high when I’m horribly, horribly sleep-deprived.

Ah well, who needs sleep anyway.

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Early Spring on the South Side

“Badger Mountain Shadows” by Michael K

One surprise that I found about taking this picture was that there are several small birds in the frame. I could not see the birds in the picture at first; when I initially pulled the image up on a monitor I actually thought the screen was just dirty! 23 more words

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Photo Post 17: Vintage Walk-Up Dairy Queen in Charlotte

Let’s say that you’re in Charlotte and are making your way from the Rock Hill area to the celebrated Bar-B-Q King. That’s precisely what we did three years ago, and we drove right past this fun old vintage Dairy Queen and didn’t notice it. 212 more words



I’ve been incredibly unproductive as of late. After my anthro paper ended on Tuesday, I’ve just been playing 2048 and watching videos. My sense of urgency has gone down the drain and the rain isn’t helping at all. 40 more words

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Donny and Aya PHOTOS from "Make Your Move"

To pause the Aya and Donny slideshow, hover on the arrows at the bottom of each picture.

Derek Hough