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portraits of 2014

doing some filing, realizing I should set up a folder for portraits 8 more words

Vague Realizations


I’m a lover of mixing mediums. Photography and illustration combinations are my favorite. Inspired by so many creative photo shoots, like sidewalk chalk drawing backgrounds and specifically the incredible work of Adele Enersen, I’d been wanting to capture portraits on white and add digital illustration work in post production. 28 more words


Til Death Do We Part: Fashion

There’s nothing like a photo shoot in a cemetery that will bring out my Christmas spirit. A big thanks to my black maxi cardigan for making the scene extra creepy.


Ashton Worthington "spices" it up for the holidays.

Photographer Ashton Worthington is “spicing” it up this year with his series of SEASONINGS Greetings holiday cards.  Get it?  Seasonings…as is parsley and cinnamon.  We love a good play on words over here, especially when it comes with some awesome photography, (styled by hand). 23 more words

Behind the scenes

Went for a Christmas photo shoot today with my partner in crime Yousef.

This photo just about sums is up.

The moms.

The kids and their moms. 17 more words


So I have this location

I had so much fun with the AirBnb location last week. It has some amazing natural light.

20141210 Mischief V Set 04 Image 02

Some of the shots required a longer exposure and didn’t end up being as sharp as I wanted them to be.  83 more words