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Britney's Perfect New Abs, Hard Work or Photoshop?

Britney Spears is on new cover of Women’s Health and show’s off a perfect body… but did she get a little Photoshop help?

In the past (some time ago) she’s been known to have had rock solid abs, but are they as perfect these days or did the 33-year-old star have had some help from Photoshop to refine and streamline her image. 10 more words


Designing a Book Cover in Photoshop

You don’t need the whole Adobe Suite to design a cover. Photoshop will do the trick just fine. Have Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and know how to use them super well? 1,756 more words


Little Man's Photos

I did some more editing to little man’s photos that I took yesterday. Having not worked with photoshop in a while I’ll say this, it is amazing what all you can do with that software. 14 more words

Hmmm, photo flopping

Yes, photo flopping and not photo shopping (I do not have that programme incidentally).  The photo below was taken in dusk without a flash (I hate using a flash).   66 more words


There Are Lots Of Things Wrong About The Internet. This Isn't One Of Them

Allowing some guy whose Twitter name is @gewqk to Photoshop normal, boring hair and a normal, boring mustache onto super celebrity chef Guy Fieri is one of the reasons the Internet was really invented. 93 more words


Chelsea Handler Posts Her Non Photo Shopped Butt For Everyone To See

After Kim Kardashians butt blew up over night (No Pun Intended There) Chelsea Handler posted a picture of her butt for everyone to see.

The big difference is her photo is in the bathroom, and not photo shopped. 12 more words


Keira Knightley Topless

Actress Keira Knightley isn’t known for her nude photos, but she has decided to pose topless for Interview Magazine to prove a point. (WARNING: Link to photo contains nudity!) 123 more words