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Polka at Oktoberfest

Berks County, Pennsylvania, where I live, has a very big population of Germanic descent. This makes the first weekend of October fun because Oktoberfest is a big deal at the local German clubhouse. 20 more words

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Canyons Resort, Park City, Utah

This week, the entire company is getting together for the annual Grand Meetup in Park City, Utah. The views here are gorgeous.

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Φωτορεπορταζ - Ενθρωνιση 2008

Η εχθρική προς τον λαό αντίληψη κατα την ενθρόνιση του “πάσης ελλάδος” Ιερώνυμου το 2008.

© Vergoulas L. Vasileios
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[Link] Photo Storage in iOS 8 Will be Solved


Rene Ritchie Reporting for iMore:

iOS devices are currently limited to between 8GB to 128GB of storage. Many people have 16-32GB devices. In an age of 8mp photos and 1080p video, that fills up fast.

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