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Day 28 - Personality Trait

I hate bragging on myself… but I do hear from others that I am kind hearted. I always think before I act. I have not always been this way. 38 more words

Photo A Day


29 | 365.

my keepsake would have to be this photo. I have had it for countless years. I can’t remember why i have it or how i got it but i’ve always kept close care of it. 45 more words

Project 365

Day 27 - A Challenge

Waking up at 5:30 am is ALWAYS a challenge for me! It has gotten drastically easier within the past year since using my oils for sleep instead of sleeping pills BUT, I still dislike hearing the alarm. 36 more words

Photo A Day

Here's looking at hue!

For those who can spend the whole day with colors; here’s looking at hue! The screenshots here are a preview of the visual candy that awaits you. 6 more words

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Day 26 - jump

At this point in kindergarten most children can recognize the word “jump”, because of its vastly different letters. Many still struggle to recognize “on”, frequently mistaking it for “no” or “in”. 12 more words

Photo A Day

Photo A Day

Photo a day challenges. I like these, these are fun to do, it requires me to take a photo a day of something (other than my son) and share with like minded photo-a-day photographers. 159 more words