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Another Wildflower

“Wildflower” is just a polite way of saying “weed.” I love these shots, because the detail tends to be exquisite when you can manage to get them into focus at all. 31 more words


Bronze in Evening Light #2

Those of you who who remember when I started photoblogging this spring may recall that one of the first photos I ever published in March is very similar to this one. 63 more words


The beauty of starting is finishing

That has been one of the key lesson that stood out for me as I was working on this portrait. Not only on this project but on many that find me in a rough spot. 70 more words


The World Through Your Lens

Get your camera ready.

We’re launching a month-long photography course at Blogging U., which launches next Monday, November 3.

It’s inspired by the weekly photo challenges… 144 more words


The Human Element

Photographing people can be one of the most enjoyable forms of photography. There is plenty of potential to create a unique collection of memorable moments. There are really two ways to approach this type of photography by setting the scene or naturally. 360 more words


Blogging U.'s Photo 101 Course: Post a Photo a Day

On The Daily Post, we host the popular Weekly Photo Challenge each Friday, and we’re always excited to see your snapshots from all over the world. 518 more words