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Easter, Baseball, and Photobombs

Another weekend has come and gone. The end of a weekend really is a tragic thing. It’s like saying goodbye to a friend you see so infrequently that you expect your meetings to be awkward, but when you get together you slip into old habits like no time has truly passed. 534 more words

P is for "Playmobile Luv... uh..what the....Dang it Aquaman!!"

As our lovely Playmobile couple gets nice and cozy (they are obviously in love, can you not tell?), that darn Aquaman has to photobomb the moment! 53 more words


Perfectly Timed Animal Photobombs - So Funny

It doesn’t matter if they’re dogs, cats, horses, or sloths, animals love to photobomb. They love getting into vacation shots and just being plain silly and adorable while ruining your Kodak moment. 211 more words



A big thanks to the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA) for including us in their “huddle” aka. Tailgate themed party to kickoff their national conference this year in Calgary! 97 more words

Hidden Subject

Looking through my latest pictures on my computer, I noticed a herron had decided to sneak into one of my test exposures. It was so dark outside that I never would have known he/she was so close to me (about 20 feet away) had I not taken this picture.


'Alice did not like me': Sean Hannity photobombed by Disney performer

Sean Hannity can’t even escape from his “fans” while on vacation.

@seanhannity Are you trying to hide out with those sunglasses? ha!—
Sherry Swain (@SherrySwain) …

13 more words

SMILE! Diver taking pictures of life underwater gets photobombed by a grinning shark in the Bahamas

This is the incredible moment a cheeky shark photobombed a diver and even seemed to grin for the camera as it barged its way in to the shot. 113 more words