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Man photobombs stock photos

(WTNH)– Advertisements, news, and picture frames all use “stock photos” from time-to-time so one guy  thought why not photobomb them.

That guy is Matthew Vescovo, otherwise known as the “Stock Photobomber.” 73 more words


The Adventures of Huckleberry The Photobomber

To be specific, Huckleberry is a professional photobomber- he was on a gig when these took place. Tell us, Charlotte A.

“I’m a huge fan of Cute Overload, and I’m writing to submit photos of my own dog, Huckleberry.” 63 more words

Cute hamster! Wait, what's going on back there? Unintentional photobomber's tale goes viral

Have you ever been photobombed? It does get pretty annoying sometimes when you’re trying to take a nice picture and someone or something just pops up in the background and steals the limelight… 253 more words


Meet The Guy Who Photoshops Himself Into Stock Photos With Hilarious Results

Photobombing is no easy task — you have to consider the timing, location, facial expression, context, and so forth before inviting yourself into someone’s picture. Emma Stone… 217 more words

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Ryanair vs Aer Lingus battle takes to Twitter: Is this the ultimate "airline photobomb"?

The everlasting rivalry between Ireland’s two major carriers, Aer Lingus (Dublin) and Ryanair (Dublin), erupted into action again this week with the two airlines exchanging blows over Twitter. 221 more words




This one I’ve shared before is easy to spot… I thought I was taking a photo of the horses mooching… Mr Buzzard clearly had other ideas. 189 more words