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The Universe is No photobomb!

Have you ever felt “antsy” or “bound up”, like you’ve got some energy calling you somewhere, but you don’t know where exactly it’s calling you?!  Sure, even daily, right? 660 more words

Daily Blogs

(Updated!) Bombed By A Munk!

Imagine yourself out hiking in the Great Outdoors when SUDDENLY—-A MUNKSTER PHOTOBOMB ATTACK! “Found this little guy hiking in the Tetons.” -Michael C. AND *! Ashley :) B!*. 27 more words

Wordless Wednesday

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Diver Advisory Cautionary Warning Alert!

Due to the combined effects of acid rain, global warming, fracking runoff, radioactive fallout, burst sewage pipelines, and motor oil poured down storm drains, divers are advised that prolonged exposure to reef water may cause slight facial skin irritation. 7 more words

Cole, the tomato stealing, puppy

The best photobomb ever! The pup ate two cherry tomatoes, then stole a third, to toss around as a toy…i guess he lost a taste for them!   7 more words