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7 Easy Step to Look Better in Photos

Between holidays parties and family gatherings, it’s the season of picture taking, so we put together 7 tips to make sure you look your best in every photo. 211 more words


The Photogenic Generation




adjective: photogenic

(especially of a person) looking attractive in photographs or on film.

“a photogenic child”

 As I sat in work this morning me and a couple of my colleagues started having a ‘I know a cuter baby than you’ competition.   772 more words


Hey, guys! May I ask for a few seconds of your time? Please like this photo on Instagram. I don’t really know her personally but we have mutual friends and I think it would mean a lot to her if you guys help her. 20 more words


The Secret To Looking More Photogenic

Okay. You guys know whenever I come across some good info I have to pass it on. What kind of gal pal would I be if I didn’t? 112 more words


Notes on being a Digital Stranger

Sometimes I feel like an outsider in the digital world. For example, I rarely take selfies. One of the reasons is that when I reach to take a photo, my phone battery usually dies. 875 more words

The Chandler Effect

Recently, I caught an old episode of Friends, you know, the one after Monica and Chandler get engaged and Monica wants to get professional photo’s for the engagement announcement… And Chandler smiles rather weirdly on cue. 58 more words

Bad Photo

Say Cheese

The other day, a lunatic asked Birdie for a headshot to include in a brochure for an event in which Birdie was scheduled to participate. (Note to reader: Birdie assumes only a lunatic or a cruel and callous person would ask her for a picture to plaster about on real and digital telephone poles like a poster for a lost cat. 440 more words