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on being photogenic and goals


i had my english paper just now and let’s just say it wasn’t the best.

we had to write a composition and do two questions of literary response, where we read a passage and answer two questions about the characters and their relationships and the setting for the first paper, and a comprehension passage for the second. 512 more words

7 Ways To Become More Photogenic

Ever wonder why in some photos you look absolutely fantastic and then others, do not flatter you in the least bit of way? Well, great news! 204 more words


Family Photos - How to get the Best Shots of You and Yours

Photography has come a long way from black and white darkroom developed photographs that were expensive and time consuming to produce. Now we have digital options with the capability to reproduce images quickly and inexpensively. 641 more words


ไปเดทกันเถอะ ไปเดทกันเถอะ !!!!

Shall we go dating in Yokohama? (English is below)

มาเที่ยวโตเกียวทั้งที จะหาที่เดทดีๆ วิวสวยๆ คนบางๆ ได้ที่ไหน
กบาลกลวงแต่กระเป๋าไม่กลวงวันนี้ภูมิใจ (โคตรๆ) นำเสนอสถานที่ติดอันดับต้นๆ ของ dating point ของหนุ่มสาวคู่รักชาวโตเกียว
ไม่ใกล้ไม่ไกลและที่สำคัญ…ไม่เสียตังค่ะ! มันเริ่ดตรงเน้! 429 more words


Picture Day: Where Dysfunctional Thinking Begins

School children across the country endured a Picture Day this month. No problem for boys. They throw on their least smelly shirt, run a mousse-covered comb through their hair and walk in the rain to school. 338 more words



Er, no, which is why I’m hiding behind my Kindle. :D But my books are, thank goodness.

The old saying: “never judge a book by its cover,” is true, but alas beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 157 more words