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A Working Girl

This girl works as a helping hand in one of our family.

She was a bit shy but felt comfortable in front of the camera. Turned out to be quite photogenic: 25 more words


Best Friend

This is my best friend Yuka. We met our freshman year of high school and have grown closer and closer ever since. We do all kinds of things together, and our adventures are always exciting. 106 more words


Love for Animals

I have always had a love for animals, and for a long time my dream was to be a veterinarian. Each animal has their own personality. 97 more words


Horsin' Around

A while ago, my friend Yuka and I ventured out to take her senior casual photos. We stopped by my grandmother’s to take some around her house and took a break to pet Major the horse. 53 more words


Just because I'm not photogenic, it doesn't mean I'm ugly.

Why is it for so much of my life, I had been told that I had a “pretty face” but pictures could never really capture it? 193 more words