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Year 2013. Pilatus mountain with an altitude of 2,128m is not the highest in Switzerland but it is almost surely one of the most beautiful and photogenic specially when seen from Lucern Lake side.




Odds are we’re not looking
At the camera,
But laughing at one another
Odds are the picture is blurred,
Out of focus
And perfect.
The sun is in our eyes, 29 more words


[Interview] Model Tips by Lisa Pincus

On the first Sunday of November, I held a photo shoot with Lisa Pincus, a model and actress based in Northern Jersey. I had a fantastic time working with this young, talented model and thought it would be a great idea to share some of her history with you guys. 229 more words

Maica Andrea

ramble #1

i don’t know what to write anymore so i’ll just write whatever comes to my mind and see how it goes. expect plenty of topic jumping and run on sentences sigh… 344 more words

Five Tips To Becoming More Photogenic!

Most people are not naturally photogenic…and I am one of them. Up until a few years ago (pretty much when MySpace and Facebook entered the scene), I was an awkward mess in front of the camera: my shoulders would creep up to my ears, my eyes would bulge out and a maniacally wide smile would spread across my face. 431 more words



this post brought to you by one photogenic cat or four curious cats

purple lasers!