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Oscar, the Greatest Poser of Them All

© J Myrtle and Lessons With Oscar 2014

Ah Oscar, you handsome fellow, you! We all know you are a most photogenic cat, seemingly unable to take a bad photo, but must you be perfectly poised at every moment of every day? 255 more words

Dear Weesienhiemer: Photogenia (is not a real word)

Click! Take a pic!

We’ve all heard the ‘your beauty comes from within’ and ‘EVERYONE is beautiful *insert smiley face*’ and I get that’s all nice and dandy for boosting self-esteem, but what I want to know is how to convey this ‘beauty’ through a camera lens. 159 more words


Mental league versus actual league.

You know that moment before you go out, when you have a final check in the mirror through the slight haze of a couple of drinks… your make-up is perfect, your hair is sleek, your favourite heels make your legs look longer and your bum tighter, and the light is suitably dim… When you feel on top of the world and ready to hold the gaze of any passing guy who takes your fancy…? 354 more words


The boudoir debacle

So I signed up for a second boudoir photo session.  Mostly because I figure it will take me a few times to get it right.  If once is good, twice is better, natch. 217 more words