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"You must have a really good camera!"

Every now and then, when someone has been nice about one of my pictures, they follow straight on with the phrase at the top. I don’t get too irritated by this, but I do occasionally remember the comment I saw from another photographer that this was a bit like following a really delicious meal at a dinner party by saying “You must have a really nice oven.” 427 more words


Back to the Common

Since I started this blog, I’ve been trying to challenge myself to visit the same spots repeatedly and see them in new ways each time. 46 more words


The Joy of Fog

Those of you have been reading for a bit will know that I love fog. If taking pictures is often more about what you leave out than what you choose to include, this particular weather allows you to isolate within your composition and stir up some real mystery. 38 more words


Haysden Park in the fog

A bit of a change of view, slightly out of town in Haysden Park in Tonbridge this morning:

For those few of you who might be interested in the processing I do with these- I converted the original images into black and white twice- once normally and once overexposed. 41 more words


Worst of 2014 and Lessons Learned

By writing this post, I suppose I am starting a tradition since I wrote a worst of 2013 post last year.This time of year, there are many “best of” lists, and as I’ve already presented you with most of my best images of 2014, I decided once again to go the opposite direction once again and present the worst of the year. 2,693 more words


Hunting for foreground round Hungershall Park

I’ve had a few suggestions about places to photograph in Tunbridge Wells and I would truly welcome some more, but this town can be difficult to capture at its best. 358 more words