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101 Intimacy part 2

All of the shots below were taken in the same room. I was lucky in the fact that there was a large open front window and to the rear of the house a very open conservatory giving a great deal of soft natural light. 363 more words


101 Intimacy

Preparing for the journey to the church

Moment of thruth

There are many “styles” of wedding photography. I originally trained as a cinematographer, and there was a quote one of my teachers was always found of uttering; “A good cinematographer can always give you the  127 more words


Depth of Field


A topic that I recently discussed in my classes, that I repeatedly explain to photographers that come to my shop complaining about what they believe are lens focusing problems, and have written more than once about is “depth-of-field”, but it still seems to be an elusive concept for many. 564 more words


The Simple Things

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”
– Rabindranath Tagore


The Hidden Charm of Ecuador

A view of Loja from the mountain side.

Mora, a delicious cross between raspberries and blackberries that are prevalent throughout the Andean region.

The mountainous region of Ecuador is filled with Eucalyptus trees, such as these. 114 more words


New Jersey Fine Art Nature Photo: Dusk at the Jersey Shore

This is a recent DSLR image made in Ocean County, New Jersey.  I had seen examples of long exposure photography that exhibited substantial cloud blurring but I hadn’t pulled many off before this.  166 more words

New Jersey Nature Photography