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Recently I have developed a love for minimalism and taking photographs in a layout that looks similarly to a collectors moodboard.

Today I collected some objects and took photographs in different compositions with the help of my iPhone & natural light. 46 more words


Kid - Summer 2010

I wake up before Amanda does, when the sun starts warming the room through the thick plaster walls and the dogs start barking in the field behind our rented room. 309 more words


light trail

sun falling
through fig leaves
Gill McGrath©


Quilts made from photos

Mosaic Photo Quilts are unique because the quilts are made up of photos, the quilts or wall hangings can be made up to 108″ x 120″. 86 more words



The Red Tails lift and glide above me,
circling our gather within oak trees, chemise
and fractured granite that hasn’t moved

for centuries on this mountain. 83 more words


Victorian camera

It is week 3 of the semester and I am having photography withdrawals…. so here is an article on a Victorian wet plate camera from England. 117 more words


Katsuoji Temple in Osaka, Japan 勝尾寺

Katuo-ji (勝尾寺) is a temple in Northern Osaka, Japan.
The name of the temple means  “to win” in Japanese.
Originally built in 727, it has been visited by people who want to receive “winner’s luck.” 45 more words