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One of the greatest things about photography is that it can capture a moment and describe an experience.

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Photography Adventures

The Crossroads of America

The best kind of friendships bring us to new experiences and help us try new things.

I went and visited my best friend and little (sorority) sister in Indiana and got to experience not only what it was like to be a Hoosier, but also some beautiful landscapes right in her backyard. We at first attended a grad party in a beautiful state park. I had always pictured Indiana as highways and corn fields and nothing really to appreciate, however, this trip changed my mind. Looking over the veranda and seeing the rolling forests filled with life and color, I realized that no matter the location, there is always something to appreciate in nature.

Also, I realized how quickly we come to judge. I remember someone telling me that first judgments of people are made within 7 seconds of seeing them, and places is no different. One story or one run-in can instantly change someone’s perspective. Understanding that there are always different sides to every story will allow one to overcome stereotypes, perspectives, and biases.

I was so grateful not only for the time I got to spend with a great friend, but also for the places that we got to visit. 


Photography Adventures

To the woman in the waiting room and the man in the parking garage...

I watched as each patient was called in to see the doctor—they walked in – then they were brought back out in wheelchairs.  But when it was my friend’s turn, she walked out on her own. 520 more words

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Up North Michigan

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous”


We headed up north last weekend to check out my parents new cabin and it was gorgeous! Up North Michigan is like a different country, there’s a different way of life and a different rhythm to how things are done.

Their cabin is in a historic resort that has been a staple to the region for over 100 years, with over 9,000 acres of trails, lakes, and nature to explore. There are so many things to do and see that just take you back in time (3 channels, no wifi, birds chirping). That’s what makes a great up north cabin, one that brings people together and to enjoy eachother’s company. While up there, we went on a hike together, went to a concert in the local park, had dinner at a small local restaurant, and shared some fantastic ice cream! I swear we talked more that weekend than we did all week.

Sometimes you need to get away in order to get back to what you need. Where’s that place for you??

Photography Adventures

Hit over 1,000 views!

I finally hit over 1,000 views of my blog and I’m feeling accomplished!

When I started this blog, I really just wanted an outlet to share pictures to people who were interested in seeing them. 139 more words

Photography Adventures