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Iconic Images of Human Rights Violations (158): The Last Public Execution in France

Eugen Weidmann (1908-1939) was the last person to be publicly executed in France in June 1939. He was guilty of multiple murders. Executions by guillotine in France continued in private until September 10, 1977, when… 140 more words


Iconic Images of Human Rights Violations (156): Execution in Tehran

A young man being executed in Tehran a few nights ago. Some reports say that the witnesses in the first image were the family of the person executed, … 35 more words

Iconic Images Of Human Rights Violations

Iconic Images of Human Rights Violations (155): Food Aid in Yarmouk, Damascus


Yarmouk, a Palestinian neighborhood in Damascus, has been under siege by the Syrian army since July 2013.

At least 55 people have died from hunger and the majority of children are suffering from malnutrition, 

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Iconic Images Of Human Rights Violations

Homophobia, A Collection of Images (2)

This may seem like a good time to publish some illustrated commentary about homophobia. It used to be the case that in most countries of the world, homophobia meant outright legal prohibition of homosexuality. 467 more words

Photography And Journalism

Xenophobic Newspaper Headlines, A Collection

Let’s start with an unintentionally ironic one:

This one is fun as well:

“Ethnics” doesn’t make good noun, if you ask me.

Following the recent floods in the UK, someone thought it was a good idea to use development aid money to help UK flood victims, because fellow citizens whom you’ve never met before are obviously more important than desperately poor people born on the other side of an imaginary line on the ground: 251 more words