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Iconic Images of Human Rights Violations (167): They Look Like Another Shipment of Cannon Fodder

One hundred years ago today saw the start of World War 1, perhaps the first industrial war. Here’s a striking image from Flanders in 1917: 40 more words


Iconic Images of Human Rights Violations (166): Death in Gaza


Here is Israeli artist Amir Schiby commemorating the Israeli killing of four Palestinian children playing on a beach in Gaza:

Just a few days after the event: 49 more words

Iconic Images Of Human Rights Violations

Human Rights Video (27): Black Child Fed Like a Dog in South African Charity Ad

Wow, this really takes the shock approach to charity advertising to a whole new level:

The video shows a young black boy being treated like a pet by a wealthy white person. 228 more words

Photography And Journalism

Iconic Images of Human Rights Violations (165): Shell Shock

100 years ago today, Gavrilo Princip kills Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie Chotek in Sarajevo. A few weeks later, WWI started. For some reason, one thing in particular comes to mind when I remember my history lessons: shell shock. 101 more words


An Attempt to Justify the Publication of Images of People Suffering Rights Violations


Most of the time, I write about human rights in highly abstract terms, and I feel that this doesn’t quite do justice to the theme. 479 more words

Human Rights

Urban Inequality, A Collection of Images

Urban inequality is both chosen and coerced. There’s voluntary self-segregation among the wealthy motivated by family ties, repulsion of the poor, racism, fear of crime and other kinds of sorting.  298 more words

Photography And Journalism