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Four Sisters

Spring stirs her eager young
Giving life, renewed to those
Who stand about and doze
She whispers hope, of things begun
Beneath winter’s cold repose. 143 more words


The Locket For My Love

The Locket For My Love
Written: © Maxima 

You pour the pure joy
Into my soul
It’s overflowing
Like the wine I pour
Into the crystal glasses… 113 more words

My Childhood room

My sister and I shared a bedroom in mostly all the homes we lived except our last home before my parents divorced.  I had my blue room all to myself.  464 more words


Bastet's Party

Party time, celebrating with food, laughter and a little vino of course.

We will all meet at the la Gare Centrale (Central Station) and have a bite at that counter, perhaps bagels and locks and cream cheese; then move on up to Fairmount Street and have a gelato and top that off with an espresso or cappuccino at Terrasse Café in Gamba;   We could have pizza later or just relax at that restaurant in our office building. We will have to take turns on that swing. It is the seat most patrons use to read during their lunch hour.  But I am sure we could negotiate to have the entire place to ourselves.

I prefer Pinot Grigio, so for those who prefer red or rosé, we will have that too…champagne gives me a headache but Jen from Lose it or Blog it, has that covered I think:D

Photo credits:  Pickywallpapers

and of course you can`t have wine without some cheese…

Photo credit: Bonjour Québec.

Submitted for Bastet’s Party at WeDrinkBecauseWerePoets