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Foreigners like to clap when the airplane lands...

“‘Hurray for Wine! Hurray for the Foreigners!’ was painted on the banner. ‘Who are the foreigners?’ Robert Cohn asked. ‘We’re the foreigners,’ Bill said.”

- From the… 659 more words


There’s shelter here, you know. Beyond what you remember even, beyond what you would hope. And you can drift as far as that ship will take you but the depths of me will still call you home.   21 more words



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Four Sisters

Spring stirs her eager young
Giving life, renewed to those
Who stand about and doze
She whispers hope, of things begun
Beneath winter’s cold repose. 143 more words


The Locket For My Love

The Locket For My Love
Written: © Maxima 

You pour the pure joy
Into my soul
It’s overflowing
Like the wine I pour
Into the crystal glasses… 113 more words