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Top 5 Music Picks of the Week

1. Goldrushed by The Royal Concept // 2. Ms. Fortune (feat. Devin K) by Shwayze, DEVIN K // 3. The Bridge by ARORA // 4. I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! 15 more words

The Fisherman's store door

Here’s another picture, similar to my recent ‘Hot Bread’ posting, where simplicity works thanks to the bright colours and clear lines.

An Enchanted Eye

Church of Notre Dame De France R.C., Chinatown, London, UK

I just happened to stumble upon this church whilst wondering around Chinatown. What a surprise. Although I took this in HDR and could have brought the highlights back in the centre I decided not to as it looks as if something miraculous is about to happen!!! :-D


Selfie with the Sunset

A selfie I took with the sunset last night. I wasn’t expecting it to come out, but it did, so I figured I would post it. 11 more words