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Snapshot Sunday

Today’s Snapshot Sunday is one of my favorites. A few years ago I was in a writing program at a beautiful creative community called Ragdale. Eventually I brought my camera along and started exploring the grounds, and upon climbing these rickety old stairs and into an attic, I found a tiny side room. 42 more words

Do your homework first!

Being a person who is typically very detail oriented and to the point, I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when people don’t do their “homework.”  Being a photographer ultimately means working with people, a requirement of many service industry jobs.   581 more words


The Namesake

You’ve heard of the golden hour, right?

     Even if you haven’t, you know the one. It’s that magical time of day when the sun is sinking lower in the sky and melts from from a buttery yellow to a molten gold. 185 more words

How To Have A Profitable Business Without Hiding Parts Of Yourself

On this podcast, Jeffrey Shaw goes over how you can have a profitable business without having to lose certain parts of yourself.

If you’re not sure about what your greatest gifts are, he also goes over how you can wrangle in all of your passions to find your specific “purpose”. 138 more words

And so it begins...


DUN DUN DUN!!!  I’ve decided to start blogging because, well…why not, right? I have many hobbies that I enjoy and I love getting to share them with others. 416 more words


Welcome to the Blue Hour

For all the years I have been avidly shooting, I have always thought about expanding my photography hobby into something more. Well I’m finally making the leap. 93 more words

Let Me Explain

No, This is Not a Cake Blog

Yeah, I get it. Seven layers totally sounds like the name of a cake blog. It seems like I’m making a cute reference to a 7-layered cake or something, doesn’t it? 412 more words