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Taking Photos of Backlit Subjects - Piece of Cake!

How many times have you taken a photo of someone or something only to realize (after the fact) that your subject was standing in front of a bright light source and is now just a black blob engulfed in a sea of light in your photo? 502 more words

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Art of Photography Class


FINALLY, after so much thought, planning and considering, I can publish this banner as it comes closer to reality. I’ve been planning this stuff from the July last year, during which I’ve been contemplating the idea, overcoming self-confidence issue, logistical planning and also the participants criteria. 236 more words


Happy New Year 2015!

Check out our calendar for new listings on upcoming photography classes! May this year be one of discovery and expanding your skills. We would love to be a part of your goals… please let us know if you are seeking something specific in your photography. 36 more words

Restricted Area

The Port of Pasco holds a lot of history for the south eastern Washington region.  The United States Navy built a Naval air training station in the 1940’s, and later transferred the ownership to the Port of Pasco.  74 more words


Photo-G Class via Click Photography!!

HERE IT IS!! This weeks best kept secret. I will be hosting a Photo-G class starting in February!

Why February?
It gives you the entire month of January to spend time with your new camera from Santa, time to gather up $100.00, fill out the survey, and sign up for the class!! 800 more words



As an art student, I love to take the composition rules with me everywhere I go. I think I managed to do a good job in composition, angle, and color in this one.


Another gradient

I really loved the gradient in this tree. The blue sky contrasted so beautifully as well. When I look at this photo, it doesn’t really seem I, a beginner, managed to take such a lovely shot.