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I don't really know why I'm here.

My teacher decided that we should all make WordPress sites. I don’t really know why. If you somehow happen to stumble across this post in the vast expanse of the internet, turn back because you have reached the end of content. 71 more words

Kohler High School

Photography Knowledge Sharing

It’s been a lifelong ambition of mine to do a knowledge sharing session/class with fellow photography enthusiasts. My dad was a lecturer, spending a good 20-25 years teaching hundreds of students in USM and UPSI. 271 more words



She was deep in thought, had this nostalgic look on her face and turned the other way. I didn’t ask what she was thinking about; I simply let her be.



Abandoned in a tangle of ruins; and hidden amidst a garden forgotten.


Taking time to stop and admire.

I walk this path on a daily basis, and never bothered to stop and admire the rust on the fence, the nature trying to escape, nor the lively the garden next to an aging cage.


A little music and snow.

It took a while to get this shot. In the end, I pulled out my phone and put on a playlist of wistful songs, just as soon as it began to lightly snow. 6 more words


Shadow after shadow.

There is always something about bare trees that captivates me. They loom over us all year in their bundles of green, yellow, and red. And in the winter, they overshadow us with their branches.