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Professional Photographer of the Year 2014

Professional Photographer of the Year is an esteemed award recognized by the experts in the photography industry. There are fourteen single image categories and one triple image category, and there will be an overall winner chosen from the category winners, and chosen person will win the title……http://shadowchief.com/?p=1759

The 2014 Garden Photo Contest (15 Aug, 2014)

The Horticulture 2014 Garden Photography Contest is open to photographers of all skill levels around the world. All photographic works must be original. All entries must be in digital files and must be submitted online. 15 more words

Sony and WPO Presents United Photo Contest (13 Jul, 2014)

In partnership with the Sony World Photography Awards, Sony and the World Photography Organization jointly presents the United Photo Contest – a photo contest honoring the enthusiasm of football fans surrounding 2014 FIFA World Cup™. 16 more words

CEEweb - Go Wild Photo Contest (15 Sep, 2014)

The Go Wild Photo Contest is organized by CEEweb for Bio-diversity with Bulgarian Bio-diversity Foundation. Europeans can still be proud of the rich natural world of the old continent, let it be the pasque flower, the brown bear, the saker falcon, or Pannonic sand steppes with gentle slopes. We……http://shadowchief.com/?p=2123

The Oxfordshire - Our Life Photo Contest (10 Oct, 2014)

The Oxfordshire Photography Contest 2014 is themed ‘Our Life’. The Our Life Photography Contest is a brand new yearly competition celebrating everything great about Oxford and the nearby areas. 22 more words

Ocean Conservancy – Marine Wildlife and Seascape Photo Contest

Ocean Conservancy presents The Marine Wildlife and Seascape Photography Contest 2014. Photographs must show marine wildlife or marine habitats, and have to be photographed in a natural setting. 20 more words

SITTP Food Photography Photo Contest (30 Jun, 2014)

The Society of International Travel and Tourism Photographers presents the Food Photography Photo Contest. This month the theme of the photo contest is ‘food’, so lets see some creative images that depicts this topic. 19 more words