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DeHart Prints for Sale

While Spot Photo Works loves making a forum for art and photography just for the sake of itself alone, Spot also likes it when those little red dots appear next to the images. 406 more words

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Open for Visitors

Dennis DeHart received a warm Los Angeles welcome as Spot Photo Works opened it’s doors for the first time. A steady stream of friends, old and new, viewed DeHart’s lovely body of color photographs from Finland and Scandinavia. 61 more words

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The Crypt Keeper

Located near the Crystal Shrine Grotto at Memorial Park Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee, this face is part of a locked gate to a mausoleum. There are many faces, all like this one on the gate and I can’t help but find them fascinating, especially the eyes. 285 more words

PHOTOGRAPHY: Click a pic of....animals!

We have some amazing photographs in our Animals Gallery. Check it out!


Spot On

After months of planning, painting, cleaning, designing, printing, writing, making phone calls and countless measurements, Spot Photo Works is ready to say hello and looking to the future.   73 more words

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Photography Wall Gallery

Blank walls in your new apartment or home got you down? Why not print out some of the awesome photos you have stored on your computer and frame them? 143 more words



There’s not much point in making beautiful prints if you don’t have beautiful light. Bright, white, even, daylight balanced and energy efficient LEDs and we’re kind of excited about them.

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