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15 Day Photo Challenge for Creative Minds

I have several friends who are interested and inspired by photography.  Creative friends.  Friends who want something, NEED SOMETHING, more!  Some who want to get outside of their own heads.   333 more words

New Topographic's:

As part of further research I went onto looking more into New Topographic’s as this will link in nicely with the architectural style I am developing. 1,088 more words

250MC Photography And Context

Inspiration: How Design has helped shape society

Society is the emergence of culture and with culture comes expression. Design allows social groups to continually construct, challenge and create a voice in a world crammed with cultural beliefs and political values. 611 more words


Benjamin Von Wong: How to Make Everyday People Look Badass

When you combine the imagination of Benjamin Von Wong with the photographic enthusiasm of SmugMug and the MacGyver-esque ingenuity of SmugMug’s facilities genius, Daniel Petrosian, you end up with a lot of chaos and cool photos. 1,606 more words


Wonder Wednesday #10

Hello hello hello

I’m in a hurry but hey this is a commitment right. I haven’t been active but I will be hopefully I’ve just been busy busy busy. 20 more words

Take Your Smiles Further on World Smile Day

Since today is World Smile Day (and we love to smile), we thought it was perfectly appropriate to share a few tips we’ve written that help you better create infectious grins throughout your circle of fans. 156 more words


Sometimes I Have Tremendous Self-Doubt, but Then I Think: Nah Man, It's Cool.

I’m pretty sure most artists feel this way from time to time, no matter the level of their success. It’s the feeling that makes your gut turn, makes your eyes burn, and makes you want to sleep forever and never see daylight ever again. 495 more words