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on camera flash

on camera flash should be used sparingly because of flat, harsh light it produces.

Yung mga kinukunan mo nagmumukhang masarap.
Pa-picture naman.
Para mukha rin akong yummy.

Photography Quote of the Week - Erica O'Rourke

“People spot a big black lens, and they worry about what they’re doing, or how their hair looks. Nobody see the person holding the camera.”
Erica O’Rourke


Line(s) of the Day #AnselAdams

To the complaint, ‘There are no people in these photographs,’ I respond: “There are always two people: the photographer and the viewer.”

American landscape photographer and environmentalist Ansel Adams (1902 – 1984)

Alex Raphael

Photography Quote of the Week - Jhumpa Lahiri

“He owned an expensive camera that required thought before you pressed the shutter, and I quickly became his favorite subject, round-faced, missing teeth, my thick bangs in need of a trim. 29 more words


the main light

depending on how far the subject is turned from the camera, the main light may even be slightly behind the subject.