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October 2014 Calendar

This year is flying by . . . at this rate death will catch up with me faster than I can catch up with my ambitions. 801 more words

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Mini-update 2

So, apparently smiling planes are a thing that people like. For them who did not recognize the plane, it is an Messerschmitt Me 262. I happen to have another, still smiling, photo of the plane. 805 more words

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Wide Angle and Macro

Saturday afternoon,clouds rolling in, I picked up my camera, snapped on my Sigma 10-20mm ultra-wide lens, and went outside.

For as late as it is, the flowers still look pretty good.  1,391 more words

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It’s Italian for cobwebs.

On a normal day, you don’t see them unless you get up early and catch the morning sun reflecting off them as it crests the surrounding hills . 1,166 more words

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September 2014 Calendar - End of Summer

August is coming to a close. September is nearly upon us, and with it we’ll likely have our first snow (typically around the third or fourth week, but indications are for an early winter, so maybe earlier). 728 more words

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The Museum of Flight - 2004 - Part 3

Angelica: Would you like to hear one of my poems?
Joe Banks: Sure.
Angelica: Long ago, the delicate tangles of his hair… covered the emptiness of my hand… Would you like to hear it again? 1,584 more words

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The Museum of Flight - 2004 - Part 2

Chores done for the day, food eaten, sipping wine, and listening to ABBA, Jose Feliciano, Mocedades, Shriekback, Strange Advance,  Mungo Jerry, and Jennifer Rush, to mention just a few. 1,016 more words

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