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Richard Gabriel & Judith Ann

Richard and Judith are two great independent researchers and two lovely friends. I recently hiked with Jesus Gamarra in and around Zone X in Cusco, Peru and everytime I turned a corner, I was faced with some wonderful images which immediately made me think of Richard and Judith. 74 more words

Anne Tittensor

How to: create a misty atmosphere

This technique is a quick and easy way to create a dramatic and wintery atmosphere during a photo shoot. It involves no photoshop techniques or smoke machine, and it is even more realistic. 228 more words

Evan Baden - The Illuminati

Evan Baden is a Chicago based photographer who has featured in magazines such as TIME, The Guardian and New York Magazine. His work has been exhibited in FOAM Amsterdam and the Walker Art center. 304 more words

Drone Laws for Photography and More

The first known designs for quadcopters were drawn out as far back as the 1920’s, but they didn’t make a huge splash in the market until only a few years ago. 319 more words

Drone Age

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles are no longer just for military purposes. The CIA and the Pentagon have been using drones since the early 2000’s to better identify and kill terrorists hiding in plain sight. 297 more words


Workshop recap... Two students from Ontario.

Our apologies…we’re really behind on the posts of my student workshop recaps, and we’re finally trying to catch up. You can expect more of these posts over the next few weeks! 381 more words

Fine Art Photography

Want to Shoot "High-Key" Flowers? Find a Window.

Where I live, the Northeastern part of the United States, we are now in late Fall so the temperature is dropping as has all the pretty Fall foliage and we are left with, in my opinion,  pretty “blah” scenery outdoors. 212 more words