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Trying to Capture the Milky Way

In this month’s issue of Outdoor Photographer Magazine, author and photographer Glenn Randall has an article titled Photographing the Milky Way.  I occasionally dabble in night photography and reading this article, combined with a beautiful cloudless night, inspired me to get out there and see what I could come up with. 510 more words


Success, a photo story


I’ve always been interested in people and their life stories. For this assignment, I decided that I would like to present ‘success’ in the form of an individual’s journey towards the achievement of ‘success’. 932 more words

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Stop Sleeping Through Sunrise


One of the things I most look forward to when I go on vacation is getting up each morning to watch and, hopefully, photograph the sunrise. 580 more words


More Travel Photography Tips

More Travel Photography Tips








  1. Air Travel Considerations







When traveling by air, please remember that this can have massive implications on the amount of gear that you can carry, first off if your carrying your photography gear in your carry-on luggage , some airport security may ask you to power it on to prove that it’s not been tampered with or that you have taken no images of the security point, so make sure your batteries are charged. 524 more words

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Don't Forget About Depth of Field

When creating an image manually there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to produce what you initially envisioned. 338 more words


Family Vacation- Put the Camera Away!

So, here we have a bit of a contradiction- a photography blog that is going to encourage folks to put their cameras away. Away, you say? 637 more words


Facebook Page

This is purely for the benefit of those who I don’t know on Facebook already, but I have started up a page where I can share my photos and hopefully get some helpful criticism to improve my technique.   75 more words