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A Beginners Guide To Photographing Geysers

A beginners guide to photographing Geysers

While geysers and hot springs may not top everyone’s list when they go to Iceland, New Zealand, or… 447 more words


Want to Enhance Atmosphere and Mood? Shoot Fog and Mist.

In addition to the beautiful colors of Fall foliage in New England, I also love that Fall presents a great opportunity to shoot fog and mist. 434 more words


You Asked For It - Macro Photography

In this post I would like to discuss Macro photography so a brief explanation is in order to explain what exactly “Macro” is.  Macro photography is different than close up photography.   1,422 more words


How to set up a film camera.

Firstly, you must open the camera to insert your film. To do this, you go to the left hand side of the camera whilst having the lens facing away from you, and move the tack opener to be able to insert the film. 395 more words

Photography Notes

The Importance of Focal Length with Faces

After thousands of photos, through trial and error, reading, and seminars, I have learned the importance of using a longer focal length in getting good portrait photos. 304 more words

How To Prepare For Photographing a Wedding

   Preparing to photograph a wedding could be stressful if not approached in a well planned and organized manner. Missing an important piece of equipment or having to scramble to be on time for the wedding ceremony or wedding reception could be costly. 1,323 more words

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