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How to shoot Fireworks?

Fireworks is one of the ways of celebrations. It is exciting to shoot the fireworks, for it involves a lot of challenges.

  1. The ground rule is to use long exposure to get the feel of movement and streaks of light.
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The ART Of Photography

Give Yourself Options: Don't Be Afraid To Boost ISO

This is a tip that actually took me some time to get accustomed to- boosting ISO. I probably had the fear from the old films days that ISO of 800 and above resulted in grainy images causing me to hesitate before venturing above that threshold. 546 more words


Kate #2

Shot with the Mamiya RB67 on Ilford Delta 100 Film with a 90mm lens, scanned using a Flextight x5 scanner at 3000ppi Thanks again Kate for sitting through the portrait sessions!


Want To Be A Better Photographer? Compete! (Part 2)

In last week’s post I blogged about the benefits of joining a local camera club as a way to improve your photography. Within that post, I mentioned that this week I was going to specifically discuss the benefits of competing at the club. 549 more words


How to take a Full moon picture that will make you howl ;)

When I saw todays daily prompt, “Howl at the Moon” I though of sharing another easy photography tip. I love the freedom to interpret the prompts the way you want it! 417 more words


How to get the colors right in the pictures?

  1. Use lowest possible ISO settings.
  2. Use good quality multicoated lenses with colour corrected optics.

  3. Get perfect exposure through M, Av, Tv & P exposure modes – avoid over or under exposed shots (full auto modes have to be definitely avoided).
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How To - In My DSLR?

Blur is Beautiful : Bokeh | Celebration of Imperfections

Well Don’t worry, I am closing the deal today. No more blur is beautiful campaigns. You can’t deny the fact that Bokeh is beautiful.  And bokeh is BLUR! 342 more words

Photography Tips