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Postcard: Photographing A Starry Night I Couldn't See

It was a pitch black, moonless night in the Timbavati Game Reserve. My fellow photographers, who’d done this before, had determined that we had a short window of 45 minutes on our last night in the bush to capture a vivid, starry sky before the moonrise. 344 more words


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: 6 Tips to Improve Your Photography

When I started blogging, I was so insecure about my photography skills that I bought stock photos rather than risk publishing my own. As my writing skills and recipes grew, I knew I needed to step outside  my comfort zone to learn how to create my own images. 556 more words

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Karl Taylor's FREE Photography Course

If you’re starting out in photography, Karl Taylor’s FREE Photography Course is a great way to learn. First of all, it’s FREE! How can you beat that.  60 more words

Photography Tips

Landscape Photography - Tricks Of The Trade

Heads-up: No matter how much you read up on the sights you expect to see at a location you’re travelling to, Mother Nature will always surprise you. 696 more words


How to Correct Red Skin Color in Photoshop Quickly

Editing portraits is not easy. Sometimes, just getting a picture is not enough. We need to edit it a bit to get the most out of it, and usually we add a little color here and there. 27 more words

Photography Tips

Fireworks Photography - Tips And Tricks

Back-story: I’d gone with the family for a vacation in Goa during Christmas week, 2013. We were told that a fireworks display would take place to welcome the New Year. 290 more words


Tutorial Shows How to Mask Out Hair from a Background in Photoshop

Hair is one of the most difficult things to edit in photography. This video is a great tutorial provided by Photoshop Training Channel on how to mask out the hair from the background. 34 more words

Photography Tips