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  • The camera can be wrapped in a soft cloth and stored in a dry place with plenty of air circulation.
  • A few sachets of silica gel can be added alongside if stored in a cupboard/ camera bag.
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Photography Tips

Photography Tip...LENS HOODS

This youtube video is a little over 8 minutes long but it was the best one I’ve watched on describing the importance and different uses of lens hoods. 45 more words


Want to Shoot "High-Key" Flowers? Find a Window.

Where I live, the Northeastern part of the United States, we are now in late Fall so the temperature is dropping as has all the pretty Fall foliage and we are left with, in my opinion,  pretty “blah” scenery outdoors. 212 more words


Want To Stop Shooting In Auto Mode? Answer One Simple Question

Today’s DSLR cameras are essentially small, powerful computers. They contain a vast array of settings, features, menus, buttons, and dials, which can be quite intimidating to new users. 612 more words


[Pic of the Week] : happy accidents make the world go 'round.

I sat next to a woman on my flight to New York City a few weeks ago who was heading up there to see the Allman Brothers final show before the band breaks up forever. 328 more words

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Going to Shoot in Demanding Conditions? Ask for Help and Prepare.

I recently started shooting soccer games at night which has presented me with the most challenging photographic conditions I have ever faced. The limited stadium light combined with fast action was actually too much for my equipment to handle. 643 more words


3 Common Mistakes Made By Amateur Photographers

When you are starting out in any activity that requires some skill you are bound to make a few little mistakes that a bit of knowledge or training could sort out. 645 more words