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My home for 3 years

This is MMU Business School, I spend most of my time here as a student and still get lost from time to time :)


The Ear Plugs Day Out (part 58)

Dan Down’n’out heard the news of the forthcoming wind breaking exhibition on the crackling speakers of the P.A system in the disused hover mat park. 451 more words


Autumn Dogwood

Autumn Dogwood © Lynn Wiles 2014
It’s hard to believe it’s November already, although it’s going to feel like December this weekend. The dogwood takes on such a different look this time of year.


Lisa.... The ex's sister.

Before I submit the harrowing and rather dodgy affair of the seven hundred pound Chihuahua I feel I need to add some small back notes concerning Lisa. 224 more words


Contrasting backgrounds

I am looking for some background information—do you generally prefer creamy smooth backgrounds in your photos or do like there to have some elements of texture?  263 more words


Into the woods ...

During our stay in Estonia mid year we visited Lahemaa National Park east of Tallinn.  It is the first and largest national park in Estonia established 1971.    21 more words