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Sweet Chevy

It’s not only fresh, sweet crops on the grounds of “How Sweet It Is” produce market in Eden, Maryland USA., this 1965 Sweet Chevy pick-up too delights the senses. 10 more words



I’ve done a lot of experimentation using single framed images and would like to create a HDR image using multi-exposures.
Using multi-exposures really does maximize a HDR image. 168 more words

Wet & Shiny

I would like to avoid going towards the more generic ideas of wet and shiny and instead, choose a different approach to exploring this brief. 502 more words

Trey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff was one of the first HDR photographer I came across upon my initial research and has quickly become a favorite.
I’ve spent hours scrolling through his immense… 302 more words

Experimenting with Photomatix

Before mindlessly jumping into this project, actually taking some time to familiarize myself with the software and learning the basics will be essential.
Not really the best of ideas to start a HDR project without having used the software before and being clueless to how to go about producing a HDR image. 736 more words



One Shot HDR

This is my new favorite thing! I love combining images to get everything I want in one image! I can’t even being to think how many times I said, “It looked so much better in real life,” or “I wish my camera could have captured this.” Now, I actually can! 64 more words

Digital Imaging


Three-shot HDR

This pulls the rich blues from the sky but also the detail of the barn in the foreground.

The detail in the windows is amazing. 98 more words