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Yves Klein. Master of Deception

┬áMy practitioner of the week is the remarkable Yves Klein. I’ve only got the one image to include and talk to you about but I feel like it is an image that everyone should be made familiar with. 272 more words


Our troubles blind us


While billions of people desperately need welfare to provide basic human survival needs, nearly two trillion dollars are spent globally on warfare every year. 90 more words


ballpoint girl

here she’s standing a little ballpoint girl who came alive!

photomontage with a decoupaged girl and real markers and notebook

Drawings And Paintings

drawing coming alive

photomontage with a little girl I drew, cut out and placed on the right spot. a ballpoint and my hand drawing her finished the scene

Drawings And Paintings

little dairywoman

I love the words appearing through the dairywoman…

I put her (sweet decoupaged lady) on the windowledge to have the very misty weather as a background.

Drawings And Paintings

little gnome and books

hey a little gnome on the window ledge near my books!!

this is a photomontage I made using a gnome I cut out from a flyer.

Drawings And Paintings


I took advantage of the misty weather outside to place my decoupaged soldier on the window ledge to create this World War II atmosphere.

Drawings And Paintings