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Brittney DeVeau - Photomontage

My photomontage is inspired in part by Francis Bacon’s study of Velasquez’s portraits of Pope Innocent X, a series often titled “Screaming Popes.” I wanted to meld different types of iconography together, such as religious and occult seen here, in order to transform pieces that I have technical interest in.


Susan Orbita Photo Montage

I’ve always been intrigued by Japanese styled work. I’ve been a fan of anime as long I can remember. I’m more interested in 3D graphics rather than traditional art. 92 more words


Jungsu Lim - photomontage

The Peaceful Coexistence

       The human has been control everything on earth. Mountains and forests have been damaged extensively because of indiscriminate reclamation. Consequently, animals are losing their home and suffering from destruction of nature. 87 more words


Alexandra Lang - Photomontage

For my photomontage, I had a bit of a creative process.  I have had this idea for a while of a girl drawing to open up a new world of happiness.  120 more words