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surrealism and symbolism: enlightenment and self awarness

The enlightenment and the self awarness are depicted in all religions. Here we have a surreal sky with colors and lights and a bridge covered with snow where a man is walking to a windows with inside a corridor with symbols  and letters of Bhutanese alphabet, The corridor represents the after death experience of the human soul, and is connected with a change, the snow is always connected with meditation, the bridge in the sky is the crossing to a new step. 34 more words

Digital Art

Photomontage- Ashley Monroy

The initial idea for my montage was to try to convey the over-arcing theme of self- of identity and the loss of that by the lifestyles that are sought after. 140 more words

Spring 2014

Renee Pringle- Photomontage

For this photomontage project I was inspired by how birds can often be used to symbolize freedom. I wanted to use the style of old vintage scrapbooks so I used both older and newer looking images. 80 more words

Spring 2014

Karly Bouvier - Photomontage

My objective of this photomontage project is to show that even when you become an adult, you can still hold onto what you love so matter how much society deems it to childish. 110 more words

Spring 2014

Gregory Koga Photomontage under water karma

I wanted add karma to this pic cause how gold fish swim in a fishbowl all day and it’s like a prison for them i don’t if they think that. 47 more words

Spring 2014

surrealistic symbolic artwork depicting the black work of alchemy

This is the second surrealistic picture holding symbolic value. It represents the first step of alchemy, the nigredo or black work. In this step  on the way to the the self awarness and enlightenment the self is distroyed for a rebirth in the second step, the… 68 more words

Digital Art

Beauty by Fire

This production shows part of my collection of gems and minerals highlighted by providing specific notations to their chemistry and composition. While organizing the storyboard I wanted to show the beginning of the creation, when minerals are spewed from the center of the Earth. 80 more words

Leo Bar