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Why Neptune Is Cold... One Opinion

According to my theory of sunlight (see HERE), the fall in temperature as we move from the center to the edge of the solar system is due to the attenuation of the energy contained in spheres of energy released by the Sun’s corpuscles. 129 more words


Hammering Shield's Theory Of Sunlight Photons

I wrote in a previous post (here) of how Sunlight works. But the question has arisen… if Sunlight is emitted in radiating spheres… whyfore PHOTONS? 541 more words


Lasers and Leaves

Looking back, my career path was not determined by some grand plan, but rather by the beauty of the light from an argon ion laser in our Applied Physics Department. 552 more words

International Year Of Light

Do electrons radiate all the time?

Seriously! The question in the title is not rhetorical. I cannot really answer the question. All I have is a bunch of ideas on electromagnetism. Anyone has any answers or simply wants to tell me, ‘your ideas are stupid’, please do, in the comments below. 384 more words


I Think So, We're Both Budding!

Some seeds display
erratic behavior
rather inconsistency
in their rate of sprout
with respect to time -
how long – and volume -
how many, more specifically… 237 more words



don’t let those chemicals work in your head
I swear they make my serotonin rush
you could give me obsessive compulsive disorder
i’m scared you might leave in gush… 151 more words