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doc dancin' dandy

I think it’s safe to say that we’re definitely getting our money’s worth out of this Doc costume. Addie and her fellow ballerinas were all invited to come to dance class today wearing their Halloween costumes. 212 more words


welcome to sweater season


As I was preparing Addie and Preston for their naps today, I realized that I haven’t written a post lately about diapers. I’m fairly certain there have been many changes since I last updated the world on my poop catching preferences, so it’s safe to assume you’re all eager for an update. 771 more words


Doc and Mickey (not to be confused with Doc and Mikey, Mike's nicknames)

I have two sleeping children and a relatively tidy house! Today is a fine day, indeed. I questioned my courageousness in shouting that to the rooftops and then decided that it wouldn’t jinx the silence. 299 more words

Cute Bird

my creation is complete

All right everybody! Our Doc McStuffins costume is alive and well. Or┬árather, ready to be worn for all things Halloween. Or just, y’know, hangin’ around the house and pretending to be a doctor. 615 more words


am I talking about kiwi the fruit? the bird? my old cat? or the crate?

Anybody interested in a sweet and sad introduction today?┬áJust click on this link since I’m not fancy enough to know how to add videos. 479 more words


onion tears and birthday cheers

It has been many moons since I have posted, and I do apologize. Things got overwhelming and I did what I do best and receded into my solitude and escapism until I was able to brave the real world. 271 more words