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onion tears and birthday cheers

It has been many moons since I have posted, and I do apologize. Things got overwhelming and I did what I do best and receded into my solitude and escapism until I was able to brave the real world. 271 more words


wave-particle duality

The electron is a particle that sometimes acts like a wave. Right?

Wrong. To understand quantum physics, we need to go back–way back. We need to forget everything we learned in high school chemistry–about orbitals, about electron clouds, about photons. 1,051 more words

Quantum Physics

Dear Oxy, #8

Dear Oxy,

I seem to have mislaid my common sense.  Things that should be obvious to me aren’t.  For example, this morning, I couldn’t find my computer, but later today I found it right where it’s been for three years.   244 more words

Physicists in Switzerland set distance record in quantum teleportation

via Physicists in Switzerland set distance record in quantum teleportation.


21 SEP 2014

hysicists in Switzerland said Sunday they had succeeded in teleporting the quantum state of a photon to a crystal, in which information transited from light to matter, over a record distance of 25 kilometres (15.5 miles).

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Science & Technology

Scientists create solid light!

Scientific experimenting has resulted in the ability to create solid form.
This can mean only one thing: Lightsabers!!! Well…maybe not…yet.
But they are able to make light take a solid form and it’s ground breaking. 311 more words


the beauty and the splendor

Today we delighted in the magnificent fall weather and took a trip to Great Falls. When Addie was Preston’s age, we bought an unlimited annual pass and visited fairly often. 270 more words


Scientists Say They've Created A Freaky New Form Of Light

The Huffington Post  | By David Freeman

Posted: 09/16/2014 8:46 am EDT Updated: 09/16/2014 1:59 pm EDT

It’s easy to shine light through a crystal, but researchers at Princeton University are turning light… 354 more words