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I haven’t blogged in a while. I sat back and observed the energy carrying us through our evolution. And it’s been a doozy, with the Summer Solstice, class X solar flares, powerful earthquakes, plane crashes and dicey diplomatic situations involving military action. 1,113 more words

Love And Light

Episode 1: Almighty Messenger a.k.a. Photons

Lets begin by first decoding the title of this blog. It is obvious it is related to photons but why are they called as the Almighty Messenger. 793 more words

Cell Transmission

What's Behind the Science in Science Fiction - Part 4: Light Behaving Badly

Last time covered how sometimes light behaves like a particle and others like a wave along with how the double-slit experiment was used to demonstrate these properties. 816 more words



“In a new paper published as the July 2014 cover article in Nature Photonics, physicists Hyunseok Jeong, et al., at institutions in South Korea, Italy, and Australia, have devised and experimentally demonstrated a novel scheme to generate entanglement between quantum and classical (or “particle-like” and “wave-like”) states of light. 38 more words

Physics, Physics, Physics

Missing light mystery...

Either 80% of  the light  in the observable universe is missing,  or the scientists’ calculations don’t work the way they’re supposed to.   Either way it’s an interesting puzzle,  isn’t it?