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The camera doesn’t always tell the truth. The aperture widens, the shutter opens for one three-hundred-twentieth of a second, a sensor behind it gathers in the photons –are they waves or particles?– and records the information gathered, sending electrons to a wafer of silicon. 247 more words


SML in iPhone photons

Ahoy! I am back and ready to continue posting on the regular. We got home yesterday evening and had a lot of errands to run throughout the day today so I’m just going to post some photographic evidence of our travels. 119 more words


rain dancin'

We’re spending the weekend at Smith Mountain Lake. It has been a bit rainy, but that hasn’t stopped us from getting outside and enjoying nature. It’s not particularly easy to find enough down time for blog posting with actual words, so I will instead barrage you with photos of Addie playing in the rain while Preston and their great grandpa observe. 72 more words


Trying to understand time...

Hi there, this post is a bit different from my regular posts – it is quite long. I have included a little image (the paragraphs above it and below it explain it) so you can skip there if you want to. 2,400 more words

Why Neptune Is Cold... One Opinion

According to my theory of sunlight (see HERE), the fall in temperature as we move from the center to the edge of the solar system is due to the attenuation of the energy contained in spheres of energy released by the Sun’s corpuscles. 129 more words


Hammering Shield's Theory Of Sunlight Photons

I wrote in a previous post (here) of how Sunlight works. But the question has arisen… if Sunlight is emitted in radiating spheres… whyfore PHOTONS? 546 more words


Lasers and Leaves

Looking back, my career path was not determined by some grand plan, but rather by the beauty of the light from an argon ion laser in our Applied Physics Department. 552 more words

International Year Of Light