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Random Impressions Part 4

Though I have a bulk of pictures still to be sorted not only from my husband (who still is in Japan) but also from my own adventures, I haven’t quite gotten around to it (more about that later), so here for a quick post are a few pictures from Kôbe.


A photo from my archives: An acrobat

UK, 2009

During a stay in the Lake District region of the UK, I stumbled across a group of air acrobats who were rehearsing before performing at a local festival. 37 more words


A photo from my archives: Rhyolite ghost town

 Rhyolite, USA, 2012.

As you drive through Nevada after leaving the Death Valley National Park behind, you will come across the small ghost town of Rhyolite. 180 more words


Random Impressions Part 3

Today I have some follow up pictures taken near the Fushimi Inari-Taisha and some really yummy looking ones from a restaurant in Osaka (^_^) 11 more words